Camp Fort Littleton Oct.

[stamped] Received from State Dep't. Nov.24 1894. [R?].P.O.401810. [/stamped]

Dear Sir

I forwarded a line to you while at Lands as the [undecipherable] be green & in That you would be so [undecipherable] Howitzers [undecipherable] the 8th [undecipherable] have [undecipherable] you are [undecipherable] I shall thank you for said the Huges tally deliverd at your here with them [undecipherable] stroll: formerly lodged there, and any Number of tribes Visible in the same. [As?] Governor Mifflin, has ordered the piece [inserted]through these[/inserted] same [callisice?], to be attached to His Cavalry : which is carried on horse-back - This day is a [undecipherable] one in camp on account of the General [Mulian?] and at the every individual endeavours to forward his friends interest: His whole Conduct is with the [stoutest?] good Grace and with a better [undecipherable] than [undecipherable] observed one like [undecipherable] daily 2000 are [undecipherable] arranged