Know all men by these presents. What I, Garret Van Hoosen late a soldier in the second regiment raised in the state of New York common [undecipherable] by Colonel Philip Van Courtland Loving engaged and Continued in the service of the United States untill discharged, for and in Consideration of the sum of Thirty Six pounds [undecipherable] money of the state of New York to me in hand paid [undecipherable] by Ebinezer Farnham of Shatsburg in the country of Bennington and state of Vermont at or before the [undecipherable] delivery hereof, the [undecipherable, undecipherable] of is hereby acknowledged and there with am fully contented, satisfyed, and paid, have granted, bargained, sold, [undecipherable], transferred, and set over, all my estate, right, title, interest, claim, and demand, in and to all the [undecipherable] of [undecipherable] to be granted to me[undecipherable] to a resolution of the Honorable the congress of the united states, and also [undecipherable]to and act of the honorable the Legislature of the State of NewYork, to have and to hold the said estate, claim, and demand of the said proportions [undecipherable], to the granted as aforsaid to the said Ebeneasor Farnham his heir and assigns, to the only [undecipherable] use and behalf of the said Ebeneasor Farnham his heir and assigns for ever: and I [undecipherable] hereby consign and appoint Ebeansor Farnham my ? and Lawful attorney and Robert TronsSraf - of the City and County of New York and the survivor of them, my human and lawful attornies, hereby authorizing and empowering them, and the survivor of them, to appear before the commissioners of the land office, or other lessors whomever, and exhibition in my name, ? for the said proportions of land, and to ?, require, and receive grants or patents of the said ?==lion of land, and at the proper costs and charges of the said Ebeasor Far=nham therefor by good and sufficient decor and conveyanss in the law to the made and executed by my said attornies, or the survivor of them, in my name, to grant, release, and convey the said propertions of Land aforesaid, for the concrderation herein before mentioned, to the said Ebenesor Farnham to have and to hold [undecipherable] Ebeneasor Farnham his heirs and assigns, to the only proper use and befoof of the said Ebenesor Farnham his heirs and assigns