West Point Feby 19th 17 87


Captain Jefferds inform'd me that you had a set of powder sieves that you would sell I have wrote to Gen'l Knox Sect'y at War upon the subject, who has direct'd me to ackyor the pair of them --

If you have not disposed of them, I will thank you to inform me how long they have been in Use, and what will be the lowest price you will ask for them --

But if you should have sold them, please to inform me wheir I can get a New set made, and what will be the price of them --

I am [undecipherable]

Henry Weisner Prat Co Goshen --

WestPoint 2d March 1787 -- Sir,

I have receiv'd yours of 12th [undecipherable], And have wrote to Ma Wilsnor, But he did not find the [undecipherable] what he should ask for the sieves, but that he should be here in eight or ten days himself, but he has not come as yet --

I have not as yet been able to make an estimate of what the caske will cost, As I have not been any cooper that would come have to work, and to see wether it will be cheapest to give him so much apeice as so m in so much a month, but the horns will cost 5 shillings

I have sent by the Beacon Mr Hay the Returns of ordnance and Quarter Master stores for the month of Febuary 1787 --

Mr Hay Lancey requested permision to go to New York for Eight or ten days to enquire after his fam -ily, as there is not much to be done at present. I have given him home [undecipherable] for that term of time --

As the ice is now beginning to brake up I expect to send down those three [undecipherable] by shortly --

I am [undecipherable]

The Honorable Major Gen Knox Secretary at War --