must be still doubtful, and with such evident intention to debase an old servant who thank God (knowing the propriety of his own conduct) sets malice as defiance from the ?Thune? to the ________; Claibourne went on to Congress the session before last with avowed intention to impeach your humble servant for the part he took in regard to (his friend perhaps) ?Cope? _ A certain Davis member from Kentucky _ God only knows him I believe, for I have never before heard the name from that country, save, attached to a contemptible schoolmaster, tells his constituents in ?damned? long letters, that he is decidedly opposed to the reelection of Mr. Adams, which the Federalists are desirous to secure; and to curb the usurpation and insolence of the Federal Government, W. S. GC. congress have ??. This seems to be letting the Cat out of the Bag -- betraying the cloven foot the mask of the heart_ That Poppy Hunter tells us the President is elbowing our friend Colonel Pickering out of place _ how is this? By this conveyance I have written unto him as Secretary of State a long letter upon the receipt of the papers from Congress relative to the facts of Cator West's petition, and which I wish you to read, because 'tis in a degree circumstantial, and has so much of detail as to be very explanatory of my conduct.