Dear Sir, Fort Johnson, 23rd January, 1800

Your letter of the 24th _____ _____ a letter from Debeyer's wife I have received - I always take pleasure in doing any thing in my power for a soldier or a soldier's wife, and you did well to address your self to me, I will, how - ever, thank you to have these letters ____ in future, because it cannot be any inquiry to the post office. And the public ought to ___ the offence of the few letters which are correspond to men in the ranks - You will see by the newspapers that the good people of Charleston terribly feel the lots of the late Gen'l Washington. They leave testified their grief in all the forms which the greatness of is seemed to require. Mrs. Freeman and myself enjoying perfect health, she joins me in best respects to yourself M_. H____ and your family. I am with great esteem Dear Sir Your obedient servant _____ Freeman

Sam'l C. Ogdon