David Henly Agent for the Department of War in Tennessee.

His accounts as transmitted to the Office of the Auditor are so deficient of vouchers that it is conceived to be proper to suspend an examination which has been commenced thereon. On application at the Office of the Accountant for the War Department no vouchers were found to apply to these accounts but abstracts were observed of expenditures of a similar nature with those in the Auditors Office. Several pays have been made in the Accountants Office (as is said) to make a statement of those accounts, but without success and they are laid aside until the agent himself comes forward which is expected in the ensuing fall. It is presumed that a more accurate adjustment would be made of the accounts if they were all taken up in one office and that it would be proper that such adjustment should be made in the department of which he is an immediate agent. It is likewise observed, that the large advances from the Treasury in this branch of the War Department, the great length of time, since the commencement of the business and the present state of the accounts render it desireable that they should be brought to issue.

May 25th, 1799.