Boston Franklin Place June 18th 1798 My Dear Sir While with superior pleasure I acknowledge your many, and repeated favours, I take leave to ask if my Brother's responses to the dispatches of government are not yet received? how he determines with respect to his removal? and whether we may indulge a hope of seeing him here, before he commences his journey to the Mifsisipi[sic]?

Your benevolence will teach you to allow for the feelings of a sister tremblingly alive to every thing which may affect a Brother who was one of the earliest objects of her attachment, and who hath continued through life inexplicably dear to her soul.

Whenever it may suit Doctor Barton's convenience to transmit the amount of the copies of the Gleaner, which he engaged it will be very acceptable to me.

A large majority of my subscribers are astonishingly _, and while I am obliged to make functual pay-ment to my Printers, I cannot but be embarrased by this cir-cumstance.

Addressing Colnol Hodgdon in that character o family, which his refutedacts of