The War Department office was established in 1790. It burned in 1800.

For decades historians believed that its files, and the window they provide into the early federal government, had been lost forever. This collection unites copies of the lost files in a digital archive that reconstitutes this invaluable historical resource. 

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Yearly Return of Work Done in the Factory, Etc.

$1500 in post notes have been received. Hodgdon can expect the usual yearly return of work done in the factory as soon as an account of stocks on hand are obtained from the Superintendent. Mr. Lyman stands a good chance of recovering if he does not have a relapse.
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Sugar and Coffee Needed at Knoxville

Sugar and coffee and other merchandise are costly to the purchaser in Knoxville. Therefore, Wright asks that a small quantity of these articles be sent with Colonel Henley's wagoner. He will pay for them, including freight, upon their arrival.
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Remarks on the closing of David Henley's accounts

Remarks made on Henley's accounts by the office of the Auditor. Examination of the accounts has been suspended due to lack of supporting vouchers.
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