Browsing and Searching Documents

Clicking on Transcribe in the navigation menu will take you to the Transcription Project page where you can search or browse through all of the documents available for transcription. Clicking on Browse documents at any time in the Scripto Transcription Project navigation menu will bring you back to this page. 

Browsing and searching documents are also covered in this tutorial video:

Searching Documents

You can search all of the documents available for transcription using the Search field in the right-hand corner of the page when you are browsing documents. This keyword search will search across titles and all of the other information for a document, including collection information. 

Once you are viewing a document, the search box allows you to search the additional information of the pages of the document. Please note that this does not include any community-generated transcriptions. 

Browse Layout

You have a choice of two layouts: List and Grid. List is set as the default view.

  • List, displays the documents in horizontal rows that prioritizes text with:
    • a small thumbnail of the image;
    • the document title;
    • date last transcribed; 
    • transcription status; and
    • number of approved pages.
  • Grid, displays each document four per row with:
    • a large thumbnail of the first page, which can give you a quick sense of the quality of the image and handwriting;
    • the document title;
    • date last transcribed;
    •  transcription status; and
    • number of approved pages.

You can toggle between the list and grid views using the Layout buttons on the upper left side of the page. The List button has three lines, the Grid button is a square of four squares.

You can page through the list of documents to be transcribed by using the arrows on the top right of the page. If you want to skip ahead to a specific page you can enter that page number in the text box to the left of the arrows and hit enter.

Sorting/Filtering the Page

You can also adjust the page view using the Sort and Filter functions.

The Sort function allows you to sort by date transcribed.

  • Descending, will display the documents beginning with most recently one to be worked by you or another transcriber.
  • Ascending,  will display the opposite, meaning that documents that have either never been worked on or were the last to have been worked on first.

Descending view is useful if you’d like to quickly return to a document you have recently worked on (you can also add these to your watchlist), or would like to contribute to unfinished transcriptions recently worked on by other transcribers.  Ascending view will allow you to quickly see which documents have never been worked on if you’d like to start from scratch.

The Filter dropdown provides five options for changing the view:

  • No filter, is the default setting;
  • Is approved, only shows documents that have been fully transcribed and approved by the PWD editorial team;
  • Is not approved, shows documents that have pages still unapproved and therefore are still available for transcription;
  • Is in progress,  shows items that have started to be transcribed; and 
  • Is new, displays those items that have not been started.