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Discussion of Current European Politics Document
Payments Made by the Treasurer for the Use of the War Department, 3 March 1791 to 31 March 1792 Document
Report on Public Opinion & New Indian Campaign Document
Reply to and Comments on News of Public Opinion of Paine & Indian Campaign Document
Family News, Especially of Sickness at Bush Hill Document
Relief of the Sick at Bush Hill and Other News Document
Family News & Business Document
On the Sickness of Lucy Knox, & the Inadequacy of the Adams House in Philadelphia Document
Proposal for Improving Defenses at Newport, Rhode Island Document
Master of Trade House to Serve the Creek Indians of Georgia Document
Master of a Trade House to Serve the Indians of the Southwestern Territory Document
On Personal Enemies, Especially James Wilkinson Document
Submission of List of Officer Appointees for 9th, 10th, 14th, & 15th Regiments Document
Assessment of Dispute Between Georgia & Creek Indians Document
Instructions to Deputy Paymaster & Storekeeper for Tennessee Document
Regarding Instructions for Cooperating with Stephen Hillis, New Tennessee Paymaster & Storekeeper Document
Detailed Instructions for Commander in Georgia to Dispose Troops to Keep Peace Between Creek Indians & Georgians Document
Discussion of a Speech to Encourage the Cherokee to Higher Civilization Document
Detailed Instructions for the Execution of the Plan for Civilizing the Cherokee Document
On the Appointment of an Envoy to Trade, Negotiate & Civilize the Creek Indians Document
Instructions to Indian Agent to the Creeks & Other Indians South of the Ohio Document
Instructions to Army Officer Commanding In Georgia, Relative to Relations with the Indians Document
Instructions to Army Officer Commanding in Tennessee, Relative to Relations to the Indians Document
Regarding the Teaching of Artillery & Engineering Principles at West Point Document
Instructions for Superintendent of Military Stores Document