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John Wilkins Letterbook

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Quartermaster Harragan Safe, Recovered by Indian Document
Attention Needed for Sloop Detroit & Provisioning of Garrisons Document
Notification of Estimated Costs for Posts, Appointment of Agent for Q.Master's Dept. in Philadelphia Document
Enclosed Estimates for Posts Dependent on Fort Washington and Detroit Document
Enclosed, Estimate of Expenditures in Quartermasters Department Document
Enclosed, Power of Attorney for Hodgdon Document
Enclosed List of Articles Required for Sloop Detroit Document
Enclosed Copies of Statements for Disbursements to Indian & Hospital Departments Document
Letter from Pittsburgh Document
Concerning Bills & Accounting Document
Enclosed Estimate for Expenses of Pittsburgh and its Dependencies Document
Notification of Pittsburgh Cost Estimates & Recent Bills Drawn Document
List of Recent Bills Drawn Document
Enclosed Estimate of Expenditures in Quartermasters Department for Posts Dependent on Fort Washington and Detroit Document
Submission of Projected Quartermaster Department Costs in Coming Months Document
Recent Bills Drawn, & Estimate of Quartermaster Department Expenditures for Summer 1797 Document
List of Bills Drawn Since May 29, 1797 Document
Recent $3000 Bill Drawn Document
Notification of Recent Bill Drawn Document
Regarding Purchase of Musical Instruments Document
Discussion of Officers' Forage Allowance Document
Recent Bills Drawn & General Return of Expenditures Document
Notification of Arrival at Pittsburgh, & Indians Goods' Arrival at Detroit Document
Additions to Estimated Expenditures of Quartermaster Department Document
Recent Bills Drawn, Matthew Ernest Empowered to Draw Bills, & Purchases for Sloop Detroit Document