Payment due Richard Craven as an Interpreter



Payment due Richard Craven as an Interpreter


Payment of $22 due Richard Craven for services as an interpreter at Fort McHenry. for the month of September, 1798.

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Fort McHenry

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Major William Kersey
James Wilkinson
John Wilkins Jr
Quartermaster General
Richard Craven
A Marschalk

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Fort McHenry
Walnut Hills

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The United States
To Richard Cravatt Dr
1798 September 1} To my Services as an Interpreter to the Indians at the Post of Fort McHenry Walnut Hills from this date until September 22 --1798 at 30 Dollars per Month as per Contract with Major Kersey Commanding Officer } 22 Dollrs. 22 Cents --
The above Cravatt was employed by me for the service & at the rate above stated, the Qr Master will therefore be pleased to discharge his account
Wm Kersey Major 3d regt
To be passed
Jas Wilkins
Received, [undecipherable] 4th 1790 from John Wilkins Junr. Esqr. Quarter Master General twenty two Dollars in full for my services as Interpreter to the Indians in the nighbourhood of Fort McHenry from the first to the twenty-second day of September 1798 inclusive--
Signed Duplicate
Richard his R mark Cravat
In presence of A Marschalk [W A & E?] Comdt at F McHenry Fort McHenry - Walnut Hill - Sept 23 1798
I certify that Richard Cravat has been employed as an Interpreter to the Indians in the neighbourhood of this post from the four day of Sept to this date -- and -- By order of the Commander in Chief is hereby discharged
A Mershalk
[undecipherable] [undecipherable]
Comdr [undecipherable]

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Author William Kersey Fort McHenry [n/a]