Post Revolutionary War Papers, 1784-1815. (RG94)



Post Revolutionary War Papers, 1784-1815. (RG94)

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Post Revolutionary War Papers, RG94

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Support for the West Point garrison Document
Request for funding for officers of Pennsylvania Troops Document
Letter from Pierce to Paine regarding depositions and certificates Document
Final settlement certificate to David Henley and Otis Henley Document
Duplicate receipt for payment to recruits Document
Letter about requirement for multiple receipts Document
Request for acknowlegement of receipt to John Pierce Document
Transmittal of funds to officers recruiting at Springfield Document
Pay advance to officers and non commissioned officers Document
Pay advance to officers and non commissioned officers of Captain Burbeck's company Document
Confirmation to Secretary of War of delivery of money Document
Requisition for pay for recruits Document
Warrant number 444 drawn at request of Secretary of Treasury Document
Enclosed Return Forwarded Document
Settling of accounts with Corps of Artillery in 1784 Document
Back pay for Lieutenant Pillaster Joseph Bliss under Major Bauman in 1784 Document
Request for pay for William Haywood for travel and expenses in delivering dispatches Document
Backpay for Corps of Artillery men 1784 Document
Back pay for officers and soldiers of late Army of the United States Document
Regarding Arrearages in Pay for Troops on Ohio and at West Point Document
Request for Money to Pay Troops at West Point Document
Warrant number 133 for two thousand dollars Document
Warrant number 1044 for Payment and Subsistence Document
Returns for Payments to Sundry Officers Document
Sergeant Mattison's Will and Payment Document