Discusses Volunteer for Washington



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Discusses Volunteer for Washington


Reports conversation with General Washington about Carroll's volunteering. Can not recommend his name to the President.

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War Department
26 Nov 1798
Dr Sir
Since the receipt of your letter of the 5th inst. I have had a good conversations with Gen. Washington on the subject of your entering into his family as an extra or volunteer aid, and altho he is generally averse to committing himself in such cases til it becomes the time for arrives when it is necessary to select determine, I think I may venture to verify say to you in confidence that you he will as soon as he enters upon active service, be happy to let you into his family you as volunteer aid. Wile knowing that pay can be no object to you, I and that the expence you will incur in that selection will be inconsiderable and the selection itself more desirable than a subaltern of the Cavalry. I have now shall not think of presenting your name to the President, but take it
for granted, you prefer the former unless otherwise advised that you prefer [the?] Generals family.
I am Dr Sir Your ob [illegible]
Charles Carrol Jun of Carrolton

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