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Title Alternate label Class
Resolution of Congress on Major Franks Document
Treaty at French Lick with the Chickasaw Document
Subsistence Return for Edward Antill Document
Return of all Ordnance in the city Document
Pay Certificate to Elisha Ames Document
Certification of receipt of funds Document
Certificate of subsistence Document
Petition for restitution of funds Document
Opinions on Financial Matters Before Congress Document
Receipt for clothing Document
Securing of debt and land transactions Document
Committee of Claims Report Document
Revolutionary War Ledger of Accounts Owed Document
Joseph Johnston's Power of Attorney Document
Reports Offensive Conduct of Peter Schuyler at Fort Stanwix with Indian Treaty Document
Memorandum of ordnance on Dorchester Heights Document
Against the abolition of Military Stores Document
Return of Ordnance and Military Stores at West Point Document
Statement of pay due to Pay Office employees Document
Hints for consideration of the Committee Document
Congressional Resolution regarding certificates Document
Table of company equipment Document
Account of Col. Livingston Document
secondary recipient
Title Alternate label Class
Land Ordinance of 1785 for ascertaining the mode of disposing Lands in the Western territory Document
secondary author
Title Alternate label Class
Resolution of Congress setting the deadline for military claims Document