Return of public stores



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Return of public stores


Letter to Secretary Knox. Directs public stores forwarded to West Point; discusses artillery field pieces. The artillery pieces were delivered to Colonel Tilinghast by order of General Sullivan during the expedition at Rhode Island in 1778. Permitting the artillery to them with this company will be productive of much good, as they take pride in exhibiting a martial appearance. With the Cincinnati, they commemorate the anniversary of the Independence of the country on the fourth of July.

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Cited in Olney to Knox, 07/20/1792.

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Henry Knox
Jeremiah Olney
Gen. Sullivan
Col. Tillinghast

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Rhode Island
West Point

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peculiar pride on all public occasions to exhibit a martial appearance
form a procession with the Cincinnati of this state to commemorate the anniversary of the independence of our country
procure a vessel for the purpose on as reasonable terms as possible and forward the stores on with convenient speed
find on enquiry that the two field pieces were delivered to Col. Tillinghast's co. of artillery by order of Gen. Sullivan at the time of his expedition on Rhode Island
permitting them to remain with this company will be productive of much good
honored with your letter
subject of removing to West Point the public stores remaining in this state

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[view document] (2 pages) AWD11 (2 pages) Collection: Jeremiah Olney Papers B:1777-1813, F:1792.

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