Consolidated Correspondence File, 1794-1890. (RG92)



Consolidated Correspondence File, 1794-1890. (RG92)

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Consolidated Correspondence File, RG217

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Recommendation for Public Storage of Public Property Document
Estimate of Quarter Master Stores wanted for the Year 1793 Document
Delivery of powder in the year 1794, in the State of Pennsylvania. Document
Invoice of powder purchased of Whelen and Miller by Tench Francis. Document
Provisions Return for Eleven men for port, Pays on Extra duty in the laboratory commencing June 13th & Ending 16th.94 [?]. Document
Order to Deliver 1,000 Muskets, Bayonets and Cartridge Boxes to the Gov. of New York Document
Materials and Transport for Missionaries Document
Return of Public Powder in the Magazine Document
Recommendation for a Munitions Magazine Document
Account for Powder Received Document
Status of Powder Stores Document
Gunpowder Stores Document
Stores Military Clothing in Philadelphia Document
Recommendation for a Building in Which to Store Government Military Stores Document
Certificate of Samuel Hodgdon Regarding his Account with Whelen and Miller for Gunpowder Document
Concerning the Delivery of Stores & Medicines for Transport to Knoxville Document
Delivery of Lead for Ammunition Document
Transfer of Captain Wade to Tennessee, Issue of Horses & Equipment Document
Discussion of Horse, Sword and Pistols to Be Issued Document
Request for Gun Barrels to Be Delivered to Musket Maker Document
Request for Delivery of Caliber Measurer Document
Request for Delivery of Materials for Pattern Infantry Coat Document
Request for Delivery of Fife & Drum to Recruiter Document
Request for Delivery of Military Stores to Garrison of Charleston, S.C. Document
Inquiry into Order for Flag Document