Describes Plans for July 4th Celebration



Autograph Letter Signed


Describes Plans for July 4th Celebration


Refers to bounty lands and the land business. Speaks of 4th of July celebrations, when the President will attend. Describes street repairs and a new building.

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William Moor
Caleb Swan
George Washington

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War Office

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Bounty Lands
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Luiet William Moor
of the artillery at
West Point

Major Doughty
War Office 26 May 1789


Upon my word I am to occupied one way and an

other that I can find scarcely a moment to devote to my
best friends, I however steal a few minutes from businefs
At this time to tell you that I have received two letters
from you lately, and in answer to the first can inform
you that you can obtain a warrant for your bounty
lands from this office, by personal application or through
Your Attorney. duly constituted agreeably to the advertisements.
I know of no afsociations, being on foot ?
in the land businefs, however I am waiting ?
of locating founy, self in the Most advantageous
way and if One presents wherin you or any of your
friends at the Point can be benefited, I will let
you know of it in time._

I joined this office on the 10th of April last and

find the businefs much pleasanter than in the old
One-I am glad you have preserved a copy
of that beautiful piece of Machinery, or Structure
or whatever you may call it, Staff finds the
paper & pencil as you requested, and they came
to partake with him in the Spuiemens of your
drawings-therefore send me a copy also

and -.
I cannot tell you what arrangements will

be made for the 4th July, but from the Spirit
that has prevailed here for some time past, with
the people, of paradeing fireworking, illuminating
cannonading & there is no doubt but something
brilliand and splendid will take place, besides
the President-has never been here before
on an occasion of this kind, therefore some extraordinary
preparations will undoublebly be made for him-

This place is very lively-quite fashionable

and the repairs of streets is daily increasing,
will soon make it more & more agreeable
expecially to strangers who are in abundance
flocking from different parts of the UStates

The new building is marvelous in our eyes

and does high honor to the Architect, awave
of the same from your pencil, Billy would be
a Virginal production, for I am Condident no
attempt has yet been made by any one Strike-through text upon it_

I hope youll favor us with your Company

on the fourth of July, and if you do come
prepared to take a skitth of this
magnamimous Superstructure, and Ill send
to Philadelphia, and have it engraved
for Trenchards Columbian Magazine-then
your name will last like oaken bench
and flourish in our literary publictions
to the latest posterity or parpetuity(underlined)-

Pray give me, as well as Stagg, a copy of

? Colonade, I will acknowledge it with
a favor_

Make my Compliments to Price Galley

and P.___& all friends

I am in Great haste
Dear Billey
Yours Sincerely

Capt Wm Moore C Swain

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