Joseph Williams


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Joseph Williams

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Joseph Williams


Paymaster and Public Storekeeper, Springfield Armory

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Appointment as Paymaster and Storekeeper for Springfield Massachusetts Document
[Untitled] Document
Musket Stocks Being Shipped to Springfield Document
Instructions for Mr. Williams Document
Defects in Pattern Muskets Document
Response to Information that Inferior Muskets Distributed Document
Sending Books & Stationery Document
Requests Information about Arms and Musket Manufacture Document
Requests Specific Casks for Powder Document
Report for Congress Document
Investigation of Payment Dispute for Employee Document
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Letter Citation author Document
Return of all publick buildings at Springfield Massachusetts with their dimentions and estimated values. author Document
Clarification of Instructions, Etc. author Document
Some Pistols & Muskets Do Not Match the Patterns author Document
My Superior Musket Patterns, Etc. author Document
Deficiencies in Bryant's Returns, Etc. author Document
Citation Only author Document
Iron for Upper Bands & Trigger Plates author Document
Audit of Expenditures at the Springfield Armory author Document
Best Quality of Rolled Iron author Document
Fire at the Springfield Armory author Document
Musket Stocks & Horses Unfit for Use, Etc. author Document
Letter Citation author Document
Rolled Iron for the Use of the Armory author Document