Isaac Guion


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Isaac Guion

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Isaac Guion


Captain in June 1797.

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Return of the names of Captain Guion detachment Document
Vouchers needed Document
James McHenry forwarding letter on situation in Indian/Spanish Country to Isaac Guion Document
Enclosed Letter to Wilkinson Document
James McHenry forwarding letter concerning orders to Isaac Guion Document
Reliance on Your Prudence and Judgement Document
[Untitled] Document
Instructions to Capt. Guion Concerning Management of U.S. Posts in U.S.-Florida Border Region Document
Orders for Taking Spanish Post in Natchez Document
Demolition of the Works at Natchez Document
Extract of letter from Secretary of War to Isaac Guion with reenlistment instructions Document
Further Instructions to Isaac Guion on U.S.-Spanish Florida Border Situation Document
McHenry to Guion, Commenting on Border Situation with Canada & How it Affects Border Situation in Florida Document
McHenry to Guion, Forwarding Letter Concerning Efforts to Conciliate Spanish and Enforce Treaty Document
Information Regarding Diplomatic Situation Surrounding Enforcement of Treaty of Madrid (U.S.-Spanish Florida Border) Document
Establishment of runners for the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations Document
McHenry Chastises Guion, Comments on Situation in U.S.-Spanish Florida Border Region Document
Detachment Sent Down the Mississippi Document
Instructions for Interpost Communication, Indian Gifts, and Pay Draws Document
McHenry Gives Guion Specifications for a Report on Possible Fort Sites on Southern Border of U.S. Document
Title Alternate label Class
Informing Secretary of War of unwholesome and offensive provisions author Document
Letter Citation author Document
Causes of the Delay in the Chief's Arrival, Etc. author Document
Unsettled Affairs Among the Indian Nations author Document
secondary author
Title Alternate label Class
Request to pay Jesse and Josiah Hunt Document