Northwest Territory Collection, M367



Northwest Territory Collection, M367

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Northwest Territory Coll., M367

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Invitation to a Peace Treaty Between the United States and Indian Nations Document
Call for Militia to Defend the Western Territory Document
Act of Congress Calling for Militia Defense of the Western Territory Document
Regarding the Protection of the Frontier Document
Protection of Frontier, Orders Enclosed Document
Reiteration of a Call for the Militia to the Northwest Territory Document
Notification of the Power to Call Upon the Militia Document
Authorization of Militia Use in Washington County, Pennsylvania Document
Seeks to Provide Protection, Provisions for Counties of Harrison, Randolph, Ohio, Monongahela, and Kenkawa Document
Instructions on the Change From the Use of Scouts to a Battalion Document
Circular to the Lieutenants of the Counties to Cease Use of Scouts Document
Current Plans for the Protection of the Frontiers Document
Revocation of Authorization to Use Scouts Document
Request for Assistance with Supply Contractors Document
Further Protection Offered to Russell County, Virginia Document
Instructions to Governor Blount Regarding the Treaty of Holston Document
Cover Letter to An Act to Regulate Trade and Intercourse with the Indian Tribes Document
View of the Present State of the Military Force of the United States Document
Decisive Action Against the Indians on the Frontier Document
Affirmation of Protection of the Frontiers Document
St. Clair Warns the Wyandots about the Shawnee and Miami Document
A Warning to the Delaware Nation Document
Petition to Raise a Military Force in Kentucky Document
A Schedule of the Expense of Thirty Days of Corps Document
A Warning to the Seneca Nation Document