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Contents of the Brigantine Irish Document
Military clothing on the Sloop Sally Document
Order to March to the Ohio Document
Orders for Detaching West Point Troops to the Ohio Region Document
Regarding Numbers & Subsistence for Prisioners and Indians at Fort Schuyler Document
Appointment & Duties of a Quartermaster for Hamtramck's March to the Ohio Document
Problem Regarding Subsistence for Hamtramck's March Being Funded with Bank Notes Document
Inspection of Soldiers' Clothing Document
Order Concerning Leader of Recruits at West Point Document
Orders to take command at Fort McIntosh Document
Expresses Concern about Expedition; Encourages Participation of Col.s Logan and Shelby Document
Treaty with the Wabash and Illinois Tribes Document
Speech to Northwest Indians Document
Acquisition of Materials for Building Post at Wheeling Document
Speech To the Chiefs and Warriors of the Delawares, Shawanese & Miami Nations or tribes of Indians & to all others whom it may Concern. Document
Gratitude for Assisting in the Suppression of the Insurrection Document
Acceptance of Peace Offering, Land Grant to the Delaware Nation Document
Receipt for Shirt for Sergant Moss Document
Requests Instruction Regarding Enclosed Letters, Payment to Soldiers Document
Discussion of Paymaster's Standing Document
Explanation of Different Opinions about Accounting Procedures Document
Discussion of Authenticated Day Rolls for Accounting Document
Acceptance of Appointment as Quartermaster General Document
Regarding Additional Transport for Quartermaster Stores & Indian Goods Document
Discussion of Funds Necessary for Quartermaster Department Document