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Knox's Terms for Appointment as Secretary of War Document
Virginia: Cession of Western Land Claims. Document
RE Administration of Individual Officers and Soldiers Document
RE Recommendations for Army and Navy Appointments Document
Collection and transfer of funds Document
Officers required to command Pennsylvania's quota of militia Document
Resolution for disposing damaged powder at West Point New York Document
Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar acceptance of appointment as Commandant for the protection of the Northwest Frontier Document
Rendezvous for the recruits being raised by the Executive of Pennsylvania Document
Supplying the troops being raised by the state of Pennsylvania by act of Congress Document
Certification that officers have taken oath of allegiance to the state of Pennsylvania Document
Lieutenant Colonel Harmar reports that the Artillery and an infantry company of his command have marched for Fort Pitt Document
Copies of enlistments of the troops raised in Pennsylvania Document
[Untitled] Document
Stategic Situation in the Western Territories Document
Report from Fort Pitt, on Indian shore, Western side of Alleghany River Document
Resignation of Brigadier General James Wilkinson Document
Report from Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar to Jonathan Dickinson on status of troops, equipment and fort, and relations with Indians Document
Regarding returns of Pennsylvania troops and the need to maintain presence at Fort McIntosh Document
Regarding Henry Knox's appointment as Secretary of War, and the matter of salary Document
Regarding Congress's election of Henry Knox to Office of Secretary of War Document
Rufus King encourages Knox to accept nomination to Secretary at War Document
Regarding Henry Knox acceptance of position of Secretary of War and anticipated date for assuming duties Document
Monthly return of the Pennsylvania troops in the service of the United States at Fort McIntosh. Document
[Untitled] Document