James McHenry


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James McHenry

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James McHenry


Secretary of War (Jan. 26, 1796 to June 1, 1800)

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RE Administration of Individual Officers and Soldiers Document
Data chart of the American army between 1777 and 1783 Document
Certificate of military rank Document
Certificate in Favor of Joseph Cone, Canadian Refugee Document
State of Connecticut's Officers, Appointment of John Palsgrace Wyllys Document
Letter Citation Document
Letter Citation Document
Payment Due a Detachment Artillerists and Engineers Stationed at Fort Whetstonepoint, Baltimore Maryland Document
RE Army Supplies, Quarters, and Pay Document
Payment to George Claghorn Document
Certification of Payment, Bounty for John Carmichael, Surgeon 4th Regiment Document
Certification of payment; detachment of 1st Regiment Artillerists and Engineers stationed at West Point Document
Notification of the Sending of Final Shipment of Cartridge Boxes; Discussion of Account Document
Title Alternate label Class
RE Recommendations for Army and Navy Appointments author Document
Captain Howard's accounts author Document
Forwards Lafayette's Military Proceedings; Requests History of Revolution; Trade Politics with France & England author Document
Reports Journey with Lafayette; Hopes to Visit Mount Vernon author Document
Endorsement page only author Document
Requests for Commissions and Federal Positions for Friends and Family author Document
Recommends Extension of Contract for Samuel Caldwell author Document
Compensation for the sorting, security and transportation of frigate timber to Corlear's Hook in New York Harbor author Document
Present State of the Military and Naval Forces Upon the Island of Cuba author Document
The Peacetime Military Establishment author Document
Expenditures of Monies on Naval Armaments author Document
Letter Citation author Document