Samuel Dexter


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Samuel Dexter

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Samuel Dexter


U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts (March 4, 1793 - March 3, 1795); U.S. Senate (March 4, 1799 - May 30, 1800); Secretary of War (May 13/June 1, 1800 - January 31, 1801); Secretary of the Treasury (January 1, 1801 - May 13, 1801)



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Title Alternate label Class
Sorting Through the Numerous Applications & Recommendations author Document
Official Nomination author Document
Discussion of Disbanding Provisional Army, Filling of Officer Vacancies in Old Regiments, Forwarding of Recommendations & Court Martial Proceedings author Document
Notification of Meeting Requested Presence author Document
Letter to the President of the United States author Document
Letter Citation author Document
Advance of Pay and Subsistence Captain James Ball, Ordered to Harper’s Ferry author Document
Account of the Quartermaster's Department author Document
Title Alternate label Class
Certification of payment; James Boyd, Physicians for medicine and attendance furnished Charles Miller, in Captain Ashman’s Company, 10th US Regiment Document
Certification of payment; James Caldwell for rent of his store at Albany wherein public property is deposited Document
Regarding the Settling of Accounts with Gunlock Agents Document
Refers to Agreement between McHenry and Potts & Lee Document
Certification of Payment to Ronlstone and Wilson, Printers Document
Certification of payment; Conrad Brem, contractor, for rations, and quarter master stores furnished for detachment of 4th and 6th Regiment under command of Captain Ross bird, payable to Baylie and Clarke Document
Addresses Issues and Supplies Needed during Transition of Office from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. Document
Certification of payment; Samuel Hodgdon, Superintendant of Military Stores, for his salary, that of John Harris Store Keeper, and clerks employed Document
Authorizing John Newman to Give Receipt on Whelen's Behalf Document
Regarding Accounts between Tench Francis and John Ketland Document
Certification of payment; Shirley Ewing for medicine administered, attendance, and hospital stores furnished to the sick at Fort Sumner, Maine Document
Certification of payment; Michael Roberts for sundry articles of stationary furnished for use of Paymaster General Office Document
Bill of Exchange for Joseph Habersham for Contingent and Incidental Expenses of Government Document
Bill of Exchange for John W. Hooker for Paying the Subsistence Accounts of Regular Officers in Tennessee Document
Success of Expedition; William Augustus Bowles Document
Letter to the Secretary at War Document
Regarding Tense Issue of Provisional Officers Being Appointed to Permanent Regiments, & Approval of Court Martial Sentence Document