Samuel Dexter


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Samuel Dexter

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Samuel Dexter


U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts (March 4, 1793 - March 3, 1795); U.S. Senate (March 4, 1799 - May 30, 1800); Secretary of War (May 13/June 1, 1800 - January 31, 1801); Secretary of the Treasury (January 1, 1801 - May 13, 1801)



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Title Alternate label Class
Memorandum Listing Purchases at the Military Store Document
Letter Citation Document
[Untitled] Document
Instructions to the Incoming Secretary of War Document
Letter to the next Secretary of War Document
Certification of payment; John Foncin for compensation as engineer for constructing fortifications for defense of town and harbor of Baltimore Document
Certification of payment; Doctor Thomas Welsh for services as surgeon’s mate attending the sick of Captain Lemuel Gate’s company of Artillerists and Engineers at Boston, Charleston, and Fort Independence Document
Compensation of British Surgeons Document
Certification of payment; Major Jacob Sawersroy, 1st Regiment, Philadelphia County Militia, commanded by Colonel Francis Gurney, called out to suppress an insurrection in the Western counties of Pennsylvania Document
Recommendation of Col. Mentges Document
Authorization to Draw Up Contracts Document
[Untitled] Document
Estimate of Expenditures for the Factory, Arsenal, and Canal at Harpers Ferry, June 1800 Document
Certification of payment; Nicklin and Griffith for purchase, money and commission of broker for purchasing 9 ten pound cannon for Fort Mifflin Document
Advance of Pay and Subsistence Captain William MacRea Document
Inquiry into the Supposed Reduction of the Provisional Army Document
Title Alternate label Class
Letter Citation author Document
Letter Citation author Document
Received List of Military Land Warrants author Document
Letter Citation author Document
Pay and subsistence in arrears author Document
Sum Remit to Perkins author Document
An Office for Major Tousard author Document
Claims Presented for Extra Services author Document
Advance of pay and subsistence Captain William MacRea author Document