The Papers of Alexander Hamilton



The Papers of Alexander Hamilton


Harold Syrett



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Syrett, Harold C., ed. The Papers of Alexander Hamilton. 27 Vols. New York: Columbia University Press, 1961-87.

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RE Administration of Individual Officers and Soldiers Document
RE Recommendations for Army and Navy Appointments Document
Payment to Samuel Meredith for Loan to Secretary of War Document
Report on the Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List and the War Department to the End of the Present Year Document
General Account of Anticipations from Register's Office, Treasury of United States Document
Report on a Particular Statement of the Warrants Issued by the Late Superintendent of Finance, and by the Board of Treasury Document
Regarding debt from warrants issued for militia and other services and for provisions for use of Army Document
Regarding supply of garrisons at West Point and Springfield Document
Letter from General Moses Hazen requesting settlement of charges as officer in Continental Army Document
Estimate of Monies Requisite for the Department of War for the Year 1790 Document
Debt owed by United States to creditors of Quartermaster General's Department Document
Estimate of the Annual Pensions of the Invalids of the United States. Document
Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List of the United States, on the Present Establishment for the Year 1790. Document
Transmittal of Several Estimates Document
Regarding Von Steuben's service in the Army of United States Document
Payment of Pensions to Invalids Document
Payments to North Carolina's Army Invalids Document
Selection as collector to pay pensions to invalids at Providence Rhode Island Document
Regarding Payment of Pensions to Invalids in Maryland Document
[Untitled] Document
Weekly Account of Cash and Payment of Invalids Document
Request to be informed when Samuel Armstrong, Paymaster to Eighth Massachusetts Regiment received monies Document
Payment of invalids Document
Report on the Memorial of the Officers of the South Carolina Regiments Document
Report on the Petition of William Finnie Document