Anthony Wayne Letterbooks Vol.1-3



Anthony Wayne Letterbooks Vol.1-3

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Anthony Wayne Letterbooks

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Wayne Appointed Major General Document
Successful Recruiting, In Need of Arms and Clothing Document
Officers, men, and materiel for the Ohio Campaign Document
Reporting on the establishment of a garrison at Pittsburgh Document
Troop and Supply Movements Document
Peace Overtures and Spies Document
Units Recently Arrived and Precautions to Protect Settlers Document
Troops, Recruits, and Stores to Pittsburgh Document
Deployment of Troops to Prevent Indian Incursions Document
Disposition of Indian Forces and Threat of Smallpox Document
Army Detachments to Pittsburgh Document
Smallpox, Troop Movements, and Organization Document
Clothing, Muskets, and Powder Document
Legion Organization and Progress to Pittsburgh Document
Deserters, Smallpox, and Indian Raids Document
Pay of the Legion's Troops and Safety of Officials Document
Preventing desertion; providing medicine and saddles; distinctive hat insignia Document
Enclosed List of Deserters, Indian Relations Document
Discussing the outfitting and deployment of troops Document
Discussing Progress of Recruits, Allocation of Stores, and Indian Relations Document
Disease, Indian Raids, and Lack of Supplies Document
Accounts of Capture by Indians & Rumor of Indian Attack on Detroit Document
Requesting Postponment of a Campaign and Lamenting the Death of Two Officers Document
Postponing the Campaign Until Winter Document
Deserters, Training Troops, and Supplies Document