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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
June 12, 1790 Enclosed Letters Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Letters from Judge Innes and others to be forwarded.
May 8, 1788 Leave of absence due to illness John Pierce Cyrus Griffin The Commissioner of Army Accounts informs the President of Congress that he will be taking a leave of absence for a few months on request of his physician.
August 25, 1784 Certification that officers have taken oath of allegiance to the state of Pennsylvania Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar reports that his officers have taken the oath of allegiance to the state of Pennsylvania.
July 20, 1798 Bills Drawn for $1400 John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon The following bills have been drawn on Hodgdon: No. 101 in favor of Henry & Boggs for $800; No. 102 in favor of Beckham & Reese for $400; No. 103 in favor of George Stevenson for $200.
January 24, 1791 Pension of Willis Wilson Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Thanks Randolph for forwarding a letter to Governor Blount. Discusses the commutation and pension of W. Wilson.
December 24, 1789 Protection of Frontiers Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Protection of Virginia frontier to be addressed at next session of Congress. U.S. indebted to state for their supply of ammunition and will be reimbursed.
November 7, 1785 Recruiting Henry Knox Matthew Griswold Letter, discusses recruitment of soldiers.
August 21, 1794 Pay of the Kentucky Militia Joseph Howell Isaac Shelby As soon as the rolls come forward with proper evidence of the service of the Kentucky Militia, the obligations of the Secretary of War to Gov. Shelby will be discharged.
October 7, 1794 Forwarding of Extract from Jays Treaty Relating to Massachusetts Borders Henry Knox Samuel Adams Transmits extract from Jay's Treaty relative to the frontiers of Massachusetts.
January 9, 1787 Application for Receipts Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Huntington In accordance with a request by John Pierce, Wolcott is requesting that Huntington transmit to him copies of regimental agents' receipts so that settlements can be completed.
December 17, 1789 Forwarding Letters to Kentucky Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Due to no formal mode of mail delivery Knox enclosed public letters for people in Kentucky with request to forward and deliver.
January 2, 1787 [Circular] Benjamin Walker Thomas Collins Walker transmits an enclosed letter for the perusal of the Governor of Delaware and requests that the return be sent to the appropriate officer.
March 30, 1791 Davis solicits an appointment from Knox William Davis Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment to Inspector of Excise.
August 27, 1798 His Excellency Should Cause Me to be Arrested, Etc., Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Sargent provides exhaustive, and legible, details regarding an incident in which His Excellency caused him to be arrested for his own suit for the sum of two thousand dollars which are professed to be damages inflicted by the Ohio Company.
June 14, 1788 Enclosed Act Regarding Invalids Charles Thomson Edmund Randolph Federal government to reimburse states for sums paid or will be paid to invalid pensioners, with proper documentation.
February 26, 1791 Information on Frontiers Addressed by Congress Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Papers presented to Congress. Congress to decide on action to protect frontier.
August 6, 1789 Colonel Proctor solicits information from Knox on appointments Thomas Procter Henry Knox Letter, asks for Ordnance appointment.
July 21, 1798 Bill Drawn for $750 John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon The following bills are drawn on Hodgdon: No. 104 in favor of Todd & Mott for $550; No. 105 in favor of Jonathan Long for $200.
May 25, 1791 Drafts in Favor of Four Officers Joseph Howell John Habersham Enclosed are four letters containing drafts drawn by the Treasurer of the United States in Howell's favor and endorsed by him in the following gentleman's favor: Capt Henry Burbeck of the 1st Battalion of Artillery for $2,590; Capt. John Smith of the 1st US Regiment for $1652; Lieut. Moses Porter of the 1st Battalion of Artillery for $1,784.60; and Capt. Michael Rudolph of the 1st US Regiment for...
June 23, 1788 Enclosed Appointment of Colonel Martin Henry Knox Edmund Randolph Col. Joseph Martin appointed agent for Cherokee nation, enclosed appointment must be transmitted by Randolph to Martin.
June 20, 1791 States Charged with Expenses of Arms and Ammunition Issued to Militia Henry Knox Henry Lee Militia and frontier protection; mentions state government and federal government responsibilities regarding the cost of arming citizens.
August 16, 1784 Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar acceptance of appointment as Commandant for the protection of the Northwest Frontier Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar's acceptance of his appointment by the Executive Council of Pennsylvania as Commandant for the protection of the Northwest Frontier. [Lt. Col. Josiah Harmar to Pres. Dickinson] Philadelphia, August 16th, 1784 The respectable appointment, which your honorable body has been pleased to confer upon me, and the very polite manner in which it was done, lay me under particular obligations,...
March 28, 1794 Appointment of Major John Rivardi Henry Knox Henry Lee Rivardi appointed command of fortification of Baltimore, Alexandria, and Norfolk.
October 1, 1784 Copies of enlistments of the troops raised in Pennsylvania Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar transmits copies of the enlistments of the troops raised in Pennsylvania and reports two companies of his command have marched for Fort Pitt. Lt. Col. Harmar to Pres. Dickinson, 1784 Philadelphia, October 1st, 1784 Sir, Agreeably to Instructions received from your Excellency & the Honorable Council, I have the honor to transmit you Copies of the several Inlistments [sic] for the...
October 21, 1786 [Circular] Increasing Troops Charles Thomson Patrick Henry Enclosed Congressionally approved act for increasing the number of troops.