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June 17, 1797 Delivery of Cannon Powder James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver cannon powder and stores to Fort Mifflin.
March 16, 1797 Order to Deliver Shot James McHenry John Harris Delivery of cannon shot to Superintendent of Military Stores.
August 12, 1800 Delivery of Cannon Powder Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores, requests that John Harris, Keeper of Military Stores, deliver to Mr. Lane and Salter, on order, 700 pounds of cannon powder for the purpose of proving cannon manufactured at their furnace, under contract with the United States.
[not available] Estimate of Prices of Ordnance and Military Stores [not available] [not available] Estimate of the present prices of certain ordnance and military stores.
November 15, 1800 Bill of Lading for Military Stores Shipped from Richmond to Philadelphia Samuel Hodgdon James Miller Hodgdon certifies shipment of military stores sent from Richmond to Philadelphia.
November 13, 1800 Cannon Powder Joseph Williams Stephen Higginson The cannon powder Higginson inquired about is available but can only be obtained by an order from the Secretary of the War or the Intendent of Stores.
February 15, 1799 Return of Cannon and Military Stores in Portland Lemuel Weeks Samuel Hodgdon Encloses a return of cannon and military stores at the fortifications in Portland, Maine.
April 2, 1795 Cannon Delivered to the Military Stores Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering has been informed of the cannon being delivered to the military stores of the United States where they will be deposited with the Commanding Officer.
June 9, 1792 Supply of Cannon and Shot John Stagg Isaac Craig Cannon and shot proved by Colonel Proctor, it will be sent forward and more will follow once it has been proved.
October 29, 1799 Military stores to be sent to New Orleans Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon States that he is ordered to charter a vessel and load it with military stores for New Orleans within four days.
April 3, 1798 Cannon & Stores Addressed to Gov. Telfair, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Among other matters, Hodgdon raises the issue with McHenry regarding the insuring of supplies.
January 2, 1798 Receipt for payment by Joseph Simms for cannon shot Samuel Lewis [not available] Fiscal, receipt of money paid for cannon shot.
September 29, 1800 Delivery of Powder for Proving Cannon Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of powder for proving cannon.
April 23, 1794 Invoice of ordinance and military stores shipped on brig Noah's Ark and subsequent report on whereabouts and condition [not available] [not available] Inventory of military stores shipped from Philadelphia to Wilmington North Carolina on the Brig Noah's Ark for Griffith McRea in the year 1794. A subsequent note dated April 1798 by Griffith McRea indicates that the stores were found in a warehouse. The stores were in damaged condition, particularly the fuses and powder. Some of the equipment, mortars, cannon, traveling carriages, are located...
April 12, 1794 Stores to Charleston Henry Knox Arnoldus Vanderhorst List of stores to be shipped to Charleston enclosed. Cannons discussed.
October 4, 1797 Invoice of Public Stores Forwarded for Algiers Treaty Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Small list of items to outfit frigate due the Dei of Algiers per treaty with U.S. Includes bar shot and cannon balls.
June 5, 1797 Delivery of Supplies for Proving Cannon James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver cannon powder and balls for proving cannon to Cecil Furnace of Maryland.
December 4, 1787 Regarding Pay Claim for Examination of Military Stores Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses claim against U.S. for services rendered in examining public stores.
October 6, 1797 Regarding cannon and military stores James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Discusses the exchange of cannon and directs military stores to Michilimackinac and Pittsburgh. McHenry also wishes to know if clothing for troops stationed in Tennessee has been forwarded.
November 24, 1800 Delivery of Powder for Proving Cannon Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of powder for proving cannon.
June 9, 1797 Delivery of Supplies for Proving Cannon James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver items for proving cannon to Cecil Furnace in Maryland.
May 3, 1797 Articles Needed for Proving the Cannon James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to Mr. Hodgdon for transportation to Cecil Furnace, Maryland a list of articles from the military stores that are needed for proving the cannon being cast for the United States under the direction of Samuel Hughes.
[not available] On Proving Cannon James McHenry [not available] Discusses an officer who has much experience in proving cannon.
July 25, 1794 Cannon Mounted in Seacoast Fortifications Henry Knox [not available] Return of the Cannon to be mounted in the fortifications on the seacoast of the respective states agreeably to law and the quantity of ammunition to be issued by the superintendent of military stores as a supply to each. Listed by port with remarks.
March 15, 1799 Request for Issue of Cannon, Cannon Implements, & Artillerists' Accoutrements James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of cannon & cannon implements, as well as gunners' accoutrements.