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November 17, 1791 Pierce Butler estimate for a brigantine of 14 guns equal to about 200 tons Henry Knox Pierce Butler Estimate for Brigantine construction, supplies, and crew. He recommends using live oak; white oak, cedar, and locust for the trunnels.
July 29, 1799 Desires to Send Powder from Albany to West Point; Seeks Information about Storage Capabilities Samuel Hodgdon George Fleming The Secretary of War is thinking about removing powder from Albany to West Point. Questions if there is suitable room and place to store about 28-30 tons in addition to what is already there, or if the magazine is exposed to dampness. Requests information soon.
November 25, 1794 Unloading of Powder & Shot at the Wharf Levi Hollingsworth Samuel Hodgdon Hollingsworth declares that he is ready to receive the powder and shot at the public wharf during high tide at one o'clock. However, Mr. Edwards is at the wharf with shot and 45 pieces of kentledge so the boatmen are concerned about the difficulty of unloading at the wharf. The shot and kentledge should be stored elsewhere to make room for the shipment of powder and shot.
November 20, 1799 Items for Factory Use and Trade William Harris Edward Wright Harris informs Wright of the measures he must take in order to operate within the budget of his factory and requests a list of the items Wright needs to trade with the Creeks.
April 15, 1800 New Regulations on Reimbursement William Simmons John Henry Simmons explained new regulations issued by the Secretary of War that pertained to reimbursement of officers for the cost of quarters. Officers only allowed one room.
May 26, 1800 Payment for Room furnished to Capt Ellery Alexander Hamilton Ebenezer Stevens For room furnished to Captain Ellery for 9 and 1/2 weeks. Hamilton asks that Ebenzer Stevens reimburse Captain Ellery. Ellery notes he received $38 as reimbursement.
August 5, 1797 Statement of pay of petty officers, seamen, and Marines for examination Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Truxtun Statement of pay of petty officers, seamen, and Marines for examination. Notes that there is a surplus of $150 and asks how it might be applied, since Congress took no notice of Quartermasters or Yeoman of the sheets. Asks for recommendations on what clothing the Marines should have and who should absorb the costs. Discusses regulating pay of petty officers and closes by asking for any...
[not available] Description of Proportions for 44 Gun Frigates Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Describes proportions for 44 gun Frigates. Discusses the dimensions of rooms for a 44 gun frigate, making them as small as possible without being too small. Chain pumps to work between the decks. Lengths of timbers, beams, and futtocks for the frigates (in list form).
April 12, 1797 Request for Cannon Powder James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Requests cannon powder to Mud Island.
April 2, 1800 Enclosed Account of Philip Schwartzhouer Received William Simmons Staats Morris Regulations on quarters and room allowances for officers limited to reimbursement of reasonable amount. Simmons needed two qualifications to justify the room reimbursement of Philip Schwartzhouer. Regulations enclosed.
January 15, 1798 Delivery of Gun Powder James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver gun powder to Hodgdon.
February 4, 1792 Care of Powder Henry Knox Isaac Craig Notification of powder delivery, advised extreme care of delivery. Advised putting powder in flannel or canvas bags.
July 20, 1797 Modes of Proofing Powder Joseph Miller Samuel Hodgdon The requested powder has been ready for some time. As soon as Miller's team returns from Jersey the powder will be delivered. It is fine powder that must be proved. Miller will not make common powder for Hodgdon until some other mode has been found to prove it.
December 21, 1795 Replacing defective powder Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering provides Hodgdon with a piece of General Wayne's letter informing him that the powder given to the army is defective and must be replaced. However, transporting new powder might not be feasible until next Spring. Thus, if before that time the opportunity arises, the powder should be sent to Pittsburgh and the powder quality tested.
September 3, 1784 Regarding Powder Stores & Orders for Airing & Salvaging Damaged Powder William Price Samuel Hodgdon Discusses the state of powder stores, and comments that the damaged powder at Fort Clinton cannot be aired out in the current season. Refers to orders from Knox for airing and rotation of powder between casks.
June 3, 1796 Reports Examination of Powder Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Reports examination of musket cartridges, many of which are damaged. Powder is often too wet. Compares musket powder with cannon powder. Suggests putting all powder away in barrels. Requests direction as soon as possible.
November 16, 1796 Is There Room in the Wagons for Soldiers' Clothing? John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants to know whether there will be room in the return wagons to Knoxville for soldiers' clothing intended for the troops in that quarter while reserving space for Captain Wade's baggage and a small medicine chest. If so, what quantity of clothing would be allowed?
May 7, 1800 Room Hire and Fuel William Simmons John Henry Simmons did not take into account Henry's position as commandant when calculating quantum for room hire. Therefore sum owed to Henry which he would receive from Dexter, supervisor at Providence. No allowances were made for compensation for fuel costs due to the regulations issued by Sec. of War.
September 2, 1799 Allowances of Rooms and Fuel to Officers Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton explains the allowances of rooms and fuel to officers of sundry ranks.
April 30, 1795 Status of Powder Stores William Nickels Samuel Hodgdon Letter, informs on status of powder.
May 13, 1796 Estimate of the Rent of Stores in the City of Philadelphia and its Vicinity for the Use of the United States for the Year of 1796.] Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Estimate of cost to rent various magazines, warehouses, a church, and store room.
February 15, 1792 Casks of Powder John Stagg William Knox The Secretary of War directs Knox to respond to the request of Col. Thomas Proctor and furnish him the number of quarter casks of powder that he requires.
March 2, 1795 Account for Powder Received Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Letter, discusses powder received in March 1796.
February 4, 1793 Request to Forward Powder to Pittsburg John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War approves decision to send powder to Pittsburgh; 17 half barrels of rifle powder and 3 half barrels of musket powder.
February 2, 1793 Shipment of Powder Henry Knox Isaac Craig Quantity of powder to be shipped immediately. Make return of quantity confirmed.