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December 7, 1798 Calling for official written opinions outside of the direction of the President Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott informs McHenry that he has responded to his request for the opinion of the Department Secretaries on the issue of the Provisional Army and its order of rank. Wolcott strongly suggests, however, that in the future, McHenry should not call for written official opinions without the direction of the President.
1794 Reassures that the President Loves His Red Children Henry Knox Conyatauyou Wants to reassure the chief that the President heard him talk, and that the President's door is always open to the just complaints of his red children. He will give him a written instrument, which he may consider a guarantee of his rights to the land. Offers him money to make him comfortable on the path.
1794 Autograph Document [not available] [not available] Document, speech re Government policy toward Indians--President's promise to Senecas of a written General Guarantee of all lands they are entitled to by reservation or otherwise.
September 27, 1796 With the President Declining, Who is to Succeed Him? Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Apologizes for not having written but he has been busy with work. Asks for news regarding the succession of the President and hopes that it will not bring strife. Describes a storm on Lake Huron. Encloses a letter for his sister.
October 22, 1797 Concerning a published letter in the newspaper James McHenry Timothy Pickering McHenry comments on a letter written by Pickering that found itself published in a newspaper. Also encloses a packet that he requests be sent to the President.
September 7, 1789 Knox informs Rodney of his recommendations to the President Henry Knox Thomas Rodney Letter, discusses recommendations to Washington.
November 9, 1793 Letter Citation Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Cited in St. Clair to Knox, 99/99/1793. Copy of letter from Knox to governor of Northwestern Territory enclosed, President requested St. Clair follow instructions to governor of Kentucky as if it was written to himself. Advises military force against French.
April 28, 1797 A talk of the chiefs and warriors of the Cherokees Chiefs & Warriors of the Cherokee Nation President of the United States A letter from the chiefs and warriors of the Cherokees to the President of the United States (written down by three interpreters). Four Nations seek protection from Z. Cox and his followers from settling on the land given to the Indians.
August 5, 1790 Street discusses Indian affairs with Wadsworth Sam Street Mr. Wadsworth Letter, discusses frontier and pioneer life; discusses Indians.
April 3, 1802 I've Written You Several Times! James Wilkinson Samuel Vance He has written to Vance several times, with no response, but he has nothing to say at this time. Asks for a reply.
May 26, 1800 Letter to the President of the United States James McHenry John Adams Largely illegible letter from the Secretary of War to the Presdient of the United States. Letter was written in McHenry's last week in office.
September 2, 1788 Letters to Governor of Virginia and President of Pennsylvania requesting that they prepare militias Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox St. Clair has written to Governor of Virginia and President of Pennsylvania requesting that they give orders to their Lieutenants in the frontier counties to have their proportions of militia required in readiness. Discusses plans if Indians have hostile designs at treaty talks. Makes reference to invasion and dispossession of Cherokees by people of Franklin and wonders how the Northern Indians...
December 28, 1797 Concerning financial issues in the War Department James McHenry William Simmons Extract of a letter written to the War Department accountant explaining the War Secretary's power to determine the rules of compensation and allowance for service where no rule has been established by Congress, along with expenditures of a nature that are not to be made public. McHenry adds that the President will from time to time direct certificates to be made, which are to serve in lieu of...
December 7, 1798 Opinions of the Heads of Departments Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott has signed the paper requesting opinions from the heads of departments but he maintains that written opinions should not be requested without the direction of the President.
October 10, 1799 Generals Hamilton and Wilkinson Have Arrived, Etc. James Miller Samuel Hodgdon Miller has discovered that the check was mistakenly not enclosed and has written to the clerk at the bank to rectify that situation by post. Generals Hamilton and Wilkinson and the Adjutant General have arrived at Trenton and the President is expected soon.
July 18, 1789 Lincoln discusses federal nominations with Knox Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Letter, discusses President's nominations.
March 13, 1798 Transport of the Articles Enclosed to Mr. Laffe, Etc. Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Butler admits that he should have written to the Secretary of War on the subject of the transport of the articles enclosed to Mr. Laffe but he is confident that Hodgdon will direct the wagons of Colonel Henley to bring them.
August 28, 1797 Acknowledgement of Bounty Receipts for Recruits William Simmons William R. Boote Simmons acknowledged letter written on July 26th that contained duplicate receipts for bounty paid to recruits. Simmons advised Boote to subjoin all future written transmissions to his letters to Simmons.
July 5, 1799 Petition of John Sylvester for a Pardon Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott transmits a letter to the President relative to the petition of John Sylvester for a pardon. He has written his report on the merits of the case and requests the signatures and comments of the heads of the other departments.
March 21, 1796 Seeks Approval of President William Pickney James McHenry Refers to influence and confidence of the President and values his good opinion.
September 16, 1793 Letter from Secretary of War Henry Knox to James Seagrove, Agent to the Creek Nations on his efforts to bring about peace with the Creek Nation, a proposal to invite Creek Chiefs to meet President Washington and Congress, and Knox's letter to Governor Telfair regarding offensive operations against the Creek Nation Henry Knox James Seagrove From the War Department, Knox informs James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, that his recent correspondence has been received and forwarded to President of United States General George Washington. Knox applauds Seagroves efforts at trying to bring about peace. Knox notes that if Seagrove's efforts are fruitful, then he will be doing a great service to his country which will be highly acceptable to...
June 16, 1789 Knox discusses federal appointments with Carrington Henry Knox Edward Carrington Letter, alludes to Constitution; discusses federal appointments.
September 14, 1790 Refers to Provisions for Upcoming Expedition against Indians Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Believes upcoming expedition expense will be great, but believes economic foresight will help. Discusses supplies provided by contractors who should pay themselves for pack horses. Advised Harmar to be as light as possible. The President will be anxious to hear details of the expedition and its success.
May 17, 1798 Power of President over the Navy, per Naval Armament document Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton believed the power of the President to authorize the use of force by the navy was for defense only. Offensive action required the sanction of the Department. Hamilton advised the President should approach Congress with his opinion on the limitation that should be imposed on his office so as not to exceed those specified in the Constitution.
August 1793 Dandridge communicates the directions of the President to Knox B. Dandridge Henry Knox Letter, advises Knox re meeting at President's residence.