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October 16, 1787 Regarding letter written by John Sullivan to don Dieg de Gardoqui, the encargado de negotios of his most catholick majesty Henry Knox Josiah Harmar As a result of the letter written by John Sullivan to don Dieg de Gardoqui, the encargado de negotios of his most catholick majesty, Congress passed resolution that if Sullivan comes within federal territory, Harmar will seize and confine him and report to Knox.
July 20, 1796 Regarding Mail Delivery & New York Yellow Fever Nathan Jones Josiah Fox Letter, discusses mail delivery; asks for information regarding yellow fever in New York.
March 21, 1794 Report on condition of cannon at Baltimore Ports George P Keeports [not available] Report written and signed by George P. Keeports reporting on the condition of the cannons at Fort Whetstone Point and Fells Point. The cannons are without carriages, are covered with dirt and water, and are rusty.
October 4, 1784 Status report John Pierce Jeremiah Wadsworth John Pierce sends to Colonel Wadswoth a status report on the account of Major E. Painter.
December 1, 1791 Bad Weather Prevents the Expense Report Thomas H. Cushing Joseph Howell Reports bad weather that has prevented him from submitting and expense report, but will send it at the next post.
August 4, 1800 Returned Draft William Simmons Elias B. Dayton Simmons submitted draft written by Dayton but was refused. It was deemed more appropriate for Dayton to report charges and receive credit through his accounts. Therefore draft was returned to Dayton.
February 20, 1800 Submission of Report on Militia James McHenry Theodore Sedgwick Report on petitions submitted to Secretary of War regarding claims of militia services in Georgia.
January 27, 1791 Know writes to Duer regarding the supply of rations Henry Knox William Duer Letter, discusses supply of rations; describes Indian aggression.
January 5, 1799 Encloses Copy of Report; Seeks Opinion James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Encloses copy of report. Requests opinion as soon as possible. Anticipates start of regular service; expects a daily report.
February 13, 1799 Report for Congress Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Williams Recognizes need for a more detailed account for Congress and the Secretary of War, who wishes Hodgdon to view all public accounts. Will present a report to Congress.
November 18, 1795 Request for Report on State of Fortifications of Portsmouth, New Hampshire Timothy Pickering Joseph Whipple Requests a report on the state of the fortifications at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with an estimate of any remaining costs or materials required to complete them. Pickering desires this information in part so that he may include it in his report to Congress.
July 5, 1799 Petition of John Sylvester for a Pardon Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott transmits a letter to the President relative to the petition of John Sylvester for a pardon. He has written his report on the merits of the case and requests the signatures and comments of the heads of the other departments.
April 3, 1802 I've Written You Several Times! James Wilkinson Samuel Vance He has written to Vance several times, with no response, but he has nothing to say at this time. Asks for a reply.
February 23, 1801 Approval of Report John Adams Congress of the United States Enclosed report by the acting Sec. of War was favorable to Adams, he recommended it be reviewed and ratified by Congress.
June 30, 1800 Refers to Agreement between McHenry and Potts & Lee Benjamin Stoddert Samuel Dexter Refers to property of Lee & Potts, although the contract was made with James McHenry. Requests examination of report, although McHenry relied on verbal communication more than written.
February 20, 1798 Request for Forgiveness Regarding Lack of Attention to Report Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Apologies for not attending to report submitted by McHenry before Hamilton had to leave for Albany, NY to attend the Court of Errors (on behalf of his client Louis Le Guen). If McHenry cannot wait for Hamilton to attend to the report, the report will be returned to McHenry via James Inglis at Col. Hamilton's residence on Broadway in New York City.
January 19, 1796 Report of the House Committee on Fortifications Timothy Pickering Mr. Dayton Letter, discusses House fortifications committee; mentions House of Representatives; mentions Congress.
January 10, 1796 Enclosed Muster Roll and Report Edward Miller James McHenry Encloses muster roll and report of recruits.
September 28, 1793 Weekly report of recruits under the command of Ensign Bissell at Middletown. Daniel Bissell [not available] Report, Weekly report of recruits at Middletown;
March 13, 1798 Transport of the Articles Enclosed to Mr. Laffe, Etc. Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Butler admits that he should have written to the Secretary of War on the subject of the transport of the articles enclosed to Mr. Laffe but he is confident that Hodgdon will direct the wagons of Colonel Henley to bring them.
December 31, 1798 Message from the President of the United States Accompanying a Report to Him from the Secretary of War John Adams [not available] Adams transmits a copy of a report by Secretary of War James McHenry discussing the military establishment of the United States.
December 4, 1791 Auditor's report to the Comptroller regarding the account of Henry Knox Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Richard Harrison Report, Auditor's report re account of Henry Knox with subsequent endorsements from the Comptroller and the Register of the Treasury.
August 28, 1797 Acknowledgement of Bounty Receipts for Recruits William Simmons William R. Boote Simmons acknowledged letter written on July 26th that contained duplicate receipts for bounty paid to recruits. Simmons advised Boote to subjoin all future written transmissions to his letters to Simmons.
December 31, 1798 Message of the President with report of Secretary of War relative to military establishments.] John Adams House of Representatives President forwarded copy of report given to him by the Secretary of War.
December 18, 1798 Prepares Report for the President James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to the English system. Is preparing a report for the President.