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June 24, 1799 Stands of Arms and Gun Worms for your Regiment Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice "I am advised by the Secretary of War that Mr. Williams, Storekeeper at Springfield, has been instructed to furnish the Quartermaster of your regiment, upon your order, 680 stands of arms and as many gun worms. Mr. Williams is to have them transported to your regimental rendezvous. If they have not been received, you will take measures to obtain them."
July 2, 1798 Articles Wanted for Macpherson's Blues. [not available] John Harris Directs issue of weapons, instruments, and cannon implements to the unit MacPherson's Blues (7/2/1798); a return for the same is included.
November 18, 1795 On putting planks for frigate in salt water Timothy Pickering Captain Silas Talbot Talbot's plan to put the planks for the frigate in salt water is a sound one. Caution that there are any worms in the water which could cause damage. The mode of securing it, Talbot and the constructor should attend to.
November 18, 1795 Approving Talbot's plan for preserving planks Timothy Pickering Captain Silas Talbot Pickering approves of Talbot's plan for preserving the planks in salt water and states that he assumes there are no worms in the water to injure the wood.
June 30, 1797 Return for ordnance received at Knoxville showing the species and quantity of stores delivered for Second Quarter 1797. Stephen Hillis [not available] Return of ordnance received at Knoxville showing species and quantity of stores delivered and received between 1 April and 1 June 1797. Signed by Steven Hillis, Deputy Paymaster and Storekeeper
June 14, 1796 Request to protect and stow oak planks at New York ship yard [not available] John Blagge Naval Agent John Blagge is ordered to take measures to protect and stow the oak plank intended for the frigate at New York, since there is a possibility that worms may be attacking the wood. Therefore, remove planking to the navy yard and stow in piles with roofs over them, that they may be preserved from the weather at the smallest expense.
February 25, 1799 Requests Rolled Iron for Springfield Public Works; Reports Insufficient Shipment to Col. Stevens Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Col. Joseph Williams requests rolled iron for public works in Springfield. Hodgdon requests the iron to be stored at public store in Philadelphia until transportation can be provided to Springfield. Col. Stevens has received his muskets and flints from Mr. Watson, although his requested order of arms, worms, and priming wires are insufficient in number. The muskets are not in proper order.
June 13, 1796 Request that naval agent Jacob Sheaffe take measures to preserve the timbers and other materials from the weather at the Portsmouth New Hampshire Navy Yard [not available] Jacob Sheafe Naval Agent Jacob Sheaffe is to take measures to preserve timbers and other materials from the weather at the navy yard Portsmouth New Hampshire. Request that the naval constructor place the materials as compactly as possible. Any materials in the sea water for seasoning and where they may be injured by worms, will be hauled out. Take measures to allow for circulation of air on materials.
October 20, 1797 Delivery of Clothing and Supplies for Artillerists Nathan Jones John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms, arms and accoutrements, and drum and fife.
August 1, 1797 Delivery of Brass Nine-Pounders Donald G. Mitchell Samuel Hodgdon In compliance with the order of the Secretary of War, Mitchell has delivered to Hodgdon three brass three-pounders with their garrison carriages and implements, including two rammers with sponges and two worms.
July 2, 1799 Request for Issue of Assorted Military Supplies to 6th Regiment at Wilmington, NC James McHenry John Harris Directs delivery of uniforms, accoutrements, arms, camp items, and office supplies for 6th Regiment at Wilmington, North Carolina. An attached note discusses the need for sending arms and gun worms to Wilmington & Charleston. This note is signed N. Jones, but is undated and unaddressed.
July 15, 1794 Clothing, Arms, & Accoutrements Nicholas Hannah Samuel Hodgdon Hannah discusses his clothing account and his need for knapsacks.
August 6, 1793 Articles Received Nicholas Hannah Samuel Hodgdon Capt. Hannah confirms receipt of a number of articles by way of the sloop "Thomas & Sally", Thomas Stitchel, Master.
September 18, 1798 Missing Stores Nathaniel Leonard Samuel Hodgdon Notes discrepancy between invoice and items received. Missing items listed. Mentioned that if items were lost by the boatman that transported them he is responsible.
May 21, 1798 Receipt for Supplies Received by John Harris Anthony Gale John Harris Lt. Gale writes a receipt to John Harris for materiel obtained for the use of the Navy Department.
April 19, 1799 Discusses Contract for Musketry with William Lane Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Requests musket supplies for the military store as soon as possible. William Lane, an experience workman, will provide all necessary cannon balls and will deliver to Rhode Island without any additional expense.
December 12, 1800 Request for Issue of Military Articles for Use in Recruiting at Carlisle Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of clothing, equipment, & musical instruments for the use of the recruiting service at Carlisle.
August 10, 1798 Overhauling Carriages, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Captain John Briant Along with a reference to musket cases, Hodgdon discusses the process for overhauling carriages so that pieces can be removed at a moment's notice.
July 19, 1798 Articles for Lemuel Weeks in Portland Samuel Hodgdon John Harris A list of articles to be put on board a vessel bound for Portland, to be delivered to Lemuel Weeks.
July 16, 1799 Request for Issue of Cannon Implements to Wilmington James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of cannon implements to Wilmington, North Carolina.
July 16, 1799 Discusses Appropriate Carriage Types to Deliver Items Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports that sea coast carriages are not made for the type of guns they need to carry. Lists prices for garrison carriages. Recommends common carriages as their workmen are more familiar with them. Lists items for delivery.
September 23, 1794 Arms for Hutchins' Recruits John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Return of arms wanted for the recruits of Lt. [Thomas] Hutchins of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers.
April 25, 1797 Delivery of Arms and Accountrements James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver arms and accoutrements, per list above note.
June 10, 1793 Letter from Knox to Governor Telfair on Federal Government response to Indian tensions in Georgia and President Washington's strategic outlook in light of this matter Henry Knox Governor Edward Telfair Knox acknowledges receipt of letter received and submitted to President of United States. If the state of Georgia has been invaded or is in immediate danger, measures taken by Governor would be considered indispensable. Knox asks Telfair to be the judge of degree and duration of danger. Relates that President of United States General Washington is confident that Telfair will stand down the troops...
August 2, 1800 Letter from the Intendant of Military Stores Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Samuel Hodgdon requests that General MacPhearson close the account of military stores opened for supply of his Corps of Blues during the campaign against John Fries Rebels. This letter encloses a copy MacPhearson's account: "Return of Sundry Articles of Military Quarter Master's Stores, delivered to General McPherson for the use of his Corps."