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December 24, 1794 Improving Workmen's Accomodations Robert Orr Samuel Hodgdon The workmen are not at all pleased with their accommodations. Orr recommends that the public building formerly used as a laboratory and currently holding rubbish should be refitted to house the workmen. He renews his request for a house for his family.
April 19, 1784 Estimate of Pay of Workmen Samuel Hodgdon Superintendent of Finance Cover letter for estimate for pay of workmen .
August 29, 1800 Accounting and Procuring Workmen Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Once demands are acknowledged, Hodgdon will send along as many more as Craig requests. Will find W. Price and send along Craig's wishes. Informed that the best workmen in the country are in Albany, NY and advised Craig to obtain workmen at that place. Mentioned returns and abstracts.
December 17, 1795 Request for Wages Due Workmen Thomas Holt William Simmons Requests that pay be sent for the workmen since they buy their own provisions and it is "market season"
March 13, 1795 Progress of Howitzer Carriages, Pay for Workmen, and the Digging of Another Well John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon Bryant informs Hodgdon of the completion of almost all the six-pound howitzer carriages and requests additional money with which to pay the workmen. Bryant also reiterates the need for another well to be dug due to the current one's distance from the shops.
April 28, 1796 Advice on future payments to workmen for services James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Advice on future payments to workmen for services.
April 1, 1796 Providing Pay for the Workmen David Ames James McHenry Ames reminds McHenry of the urgency to provide pay for the workmen so that they can support their families. Also a number of contracts for stock have come due so the expenses for March must be transmitted to Springfield as soon as it is convenient.
May 4, 1798 Request to Pay Workmen Employed to Repair the Ship, Ganges James McHenry Willings & Francis Willing & Francis are hired as agents to pay workmen and acquire supplies for the alterations and improvements on the ship Ganges.
March 29, 1794 Regarding Prior Correspondence Henry Knox William Jackson Refers to receipt and sending of various correspondence, and to "workmen."
January 14, 1799 Requests Workmen to Repair, Clean Muskets in Store Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports number of French muskets in store that need cleaning and repair. These muskets could then be used instead of contracting for new muskets. Seeks permission for workmen to clean and repair. Recommends building a store suitable to supply the requested seasoned muskets.
December 18, 1794 Money for Provisions of the Workmen, Etc. Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon The boarding business has fallen entirely into the hands of the workmen who are in need of money to buy provision for the ensuing season.Holt recommends that the wages of the men should be adjusted upward according to their value.
December 1, 1797 Enclosed Ship Building Calculations, Request for Workmen James McHenry John Wilkins, Jr. Wilkens included estimate of draught of a galley and price of timber. Request for ships to protect ports on the Ohio and Mississippi, and workmen to build ships.
April 25, 1794 Dissipated & Idle Workmen, Etc. Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon A part of the workmen are sober, attentive, and industrious but there is the reverse in character of several others. It is hoped that the public will sustain as little injury as possible by their idleness and dissipation. (Holt provides considerable detail on arms, repairs, pay, building, etc.)
November 17, 1800 Pay of workmen employed at the laboratory Samuel Dexter Lewis Tousard The Secretary at War issues Major Tousard a certificate to pay the workmen employed at the laboratory.
March 16, 1796 Pay the Workmen in Post Notes David Ames James McHenry Ames requests the pay of the workmen in post notes in order to expedite payment so that they can support their families.
May 2, 1796 Pay for the Workmen David Ames James McHenry Ames has been deprived of the satisfaction of receiving the money needed to pay the workmen who expected their pay on the first of April. Such delays will decrease the public credit and prevent keeping the hands at work
December 17, 1794 Accomodations & Clothing for Workmen, Etc. David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Ames observes that the workmen are opposed to living in barracks since they believe they deserve better lodging than that which is fit only for soldiers. Suitable lodging should be provided for them including beds with covering. When they draw their rations at different facilties, the men are scattered which makes for a loss of time. They should also be clothed differently from soldiers.
April 23, 1796 Supplies for the Armory and Pay for the Workmen David Ames James McHenry Ames pleads for supplies sufficient to enable him to carry on the business of the Armory and asks for the money necessary to pay the colliers, the workmen, and others.
October 18, 1799 Ensuring that Full Justice Is Done to the Public, Etc. George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a lengthy discussion of the stores and arms at West Point, Fleming assures Hodgdon that he has done all in his power to minutely examine the military and quartermaster's stores that the various Secretaries of War have indicated were of the first moment. That would include purchasing materials, hiring workmen and teams at the lowest rate, paying the workmen, and generally superintending the...
January 6, 1796 Vouchers Enclosed for Ordnance Department John Bryant Timothy Pickering Vouchers for expenditures of Ordnance Department enclosed. Money due workmen. Bryant requests pay for himself and workmen, all of which are in great want of it.
February 13, 1797 Discussion of Frigate Timber & Construction Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Letter, discusses construction of Frigate; discusses timber for Frigate.
March 31, 1796 Reports Lack of Accountability, Staffing Joshua Humphreys Samuel Hodgdon Reports assignments at the Navy Yard: clerk, foreman--who calls the roll, his son--who pays the workmen. Doesn't know who has charge of the articles--the purveyor, the superintendent, or himself. Considers it his duty to take all under his power.
August 1, 1794 Assignment and instructions as Superintendent of frigate to be built at Philadelphia Henry Knox Captain John Barry Instructions, duties and responsibilities as superintendent. Activities must conform to public interest. Treasury of United States will make special contracts for the principal materials. Naval Agents will provide all materials not otherwise provided by Treasury. Workmen and laborers to be furnished by agents in pursuance of constructor requisition. Constructor has direction over workmen. Clerk...
April 5, 1784 Estimate of Pay to Perkins and Nicholson for cleaning and repairing Arms Quartermaster General's Department [not available] Estimate of the payments for the workmen employed repairing and cleaning arms.
February 1, 1796 Monthly Return of Men Employed at the New York Navy Yard Captain Silas Talbot Secretary of War Weekly return for the men employed at the naval yard and the wages paid to them; no new materials for the construction of the frigate have arrived.