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May 15, 1798 Plans to Build a Fur Processing Factory Edward Price James McHenry Finished quality of fur products sold by Indians of inferior quality, proposal to build factory for processing furs.
December 31, 1795 Return of Public Stores, Etc. Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon Langham intends to get more stores to the cavalry but collecting them will be tedious because they are scattered throughout the country. His account for monies expended is less than he expected because he was not able to include the workman's account at Winchester for the repairs they did on the residue of Virginia arms.
April 19, 1799 Discusses Contract for Musketry with William Lane Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Requests musket supplies for the military store as soon as possible. William Lane, an experience workman, will provide all necessary cannon balls and will deliver to Rhode Island without any additional expense.
September 19, 1794 Discharge of worker from Statist expedition Alexander James Dallas Alexander Hamilton Governor Mifflin has directed that, in compliance with Alexander Dallas's request, a workman by the name of Samuel Owner be discharged from the military expedition headed west to respond to the Whiskey Rebellion. Owner was employed by the United States government, but authorities had drafted him after the outbreak of the insurrection.
January 10, 1800 Superintendent's Estimate is Too High Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams contends that the Superintendent's estimate of tools and utensils is too high by several thousand dollars. He bases his contention on documents he has on hand and he has asked [Ames] to dissect his rough estimate and assess the value of each article. [Ames] has refused saying that the Secretary of War has no objections to the estimate he submitted.
January 1, 1799 Contract of William Rhodes and William Tyler with the United States for fabricating 2000 muskets [not available] William Rhodes Articles of agreement between Wolcott and William Rhodes and William Tyler of Providence Rhode Island to manufacture 2000 stands of arms complete with bayonet and ramrods fit for service and to be delivered at Providence Rhode Island.
February 28, 1786 Report from West Point on Arms Cleaning & Request for Relief Officer William Price Henry Knox Reports sending returns of ordnance and stores; reports completion of cleaning of 500 stands of arms; request an officer be sent to West Point to take charge of the garrison
November 1, 1787 Orders Received Samuel Hodgdon Henry Knox Live oak use, none was taken without Hodgdon's orders.
July 12, 1794 Discussion of Ongoing Construction of Fortifications at New London Jebez Huntington Samuel Huntington Discusses work on the fortifications of New London, including blockhouses, earthworks, and a magazine. Explains that most of the appropriated funds were spent on blockhouses.
March 27, 1797 Regarding White & Live Oak Timbers for Frigate Construction, Frigate Constitution, & Algerian Frigate Edmund H. Quincy Josiah Fox Letter, discusses keg of butter; discusses live & white oak timber for Frigate at Boston; alludes to Frigate Constitution; describes progress on Algerian Frigate.
April 27, 1794 On the whereabouts of Milligan Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Milligan has not yet arrived from Philadelphia. Hodgdon should make inquiries to see if he still in that city because Perkins is concerned that he has not yet spent the money and therefore cannot proceed. (Many other matters are discussed.)
September 15, 1794 Circular Instructions for Naval Constructors Henry Knox Naval Agents, Constructors, Superintendents, Clerks of Ship Yard Circular letter sent to the naval contractors working on the six frigates under construction. The document provides general guidelines for the contractors to all follow.
September 7, 1798 Contract between Wolcott and Jonathan Nichols Jr. for manufacture of muskets [not available] [not available] Articles of agreement between Wolcott and Nichols to produce 1000 stands of arms or muskets complete with bayonets and ramrods, fit for service and to be delivered at Albany New York.
August 2, 1793 Captain Zebulon Pike's Detachment, Construction at Wheeling, Peace with Indians, Etc Isaac Craig Henry Knox Reports on letters received. Captain Pike's detachment not yet arrived. Forwards packets addressed to President of United States and Secretary of War. Has returned from laying out store house, block house, and stockade at Wheeling. From a letter sent by Mr. Wilson at Detroit, there are not hopes for Indian peace.
1790 Present State of the Military and Naval Forces Upon the Island of Cuba James McHenry Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Detailed accounting of the military and naval forces of Cuba which included an assessment of the dissatisfaction of the people with their form of government. Author argued that if the inhabitants were allowed to purchase slaves in proportion to their ability to pay for them, the island's productivity would increase significantly.