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June 24, 1788 Settlement of Colonel Woods accounts Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Request regarding Colonel Woods' accounts. Asks that Howell settle upon favorable principles to the family, consistent with justice.
November 12, 1785 Musters of the Second Regiment Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Having examined the musters of the Second Regiment, Samuel Woods was mustered furloughed and returned deserted.
January 6, 1788 Documenting Indian expenses John Woods Unknown Recipient John Woods documents the United States' expenses related to Indians, including the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations.
August 11, 1798 Bounty for Apprehending a Deserter James Read William Simmons Read transmits a receipt for six dollars for the bounties awarded to Alexander Jamison and John Sliter for the apprehension of Woods, a deserter.
July 15, 1788 Letter to the Commissioner of Commissary Stores John Woods Samuel Hodgdon Letter from John Woods to the Commissioner of Commissary Stores, discussing business and offering to serve in any way possible.
September 24, 1788 John Marshall's accounts John Marshall Joseph Howell Marshall laments Howell's decision to detain final settlements on account of Colonel Woods not settling his.
March 10, 1796 Amount Due John Woods, printer at Newark New Jersey William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that seven dollars is due John Woods, printer at Newark, for advertising in the Newark Gazette deserters Thomas Smith, Edmund Brinson, and Samuel Hugg of the late militia army of General Morgan on the Monongahela River.
December 22, 1798 Hunters in the Woods Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins notifies McHenry of hunters that have taken to the woods, and of the Chiefs' cooperation. Also discussion of the capture and return of Mr. McIntosh's runaway slaves.
April 20, 1793 Attacks by Marauding Indians William Blount Henry Knox Blount reports on a recent series of murderous attacks by marauding Indians.
April 30, 1793 Power of Attorney to Samuel Shannon from John Burton John Burton Samuel Shannon Power of attorney given by John Burton to Samuel Shannon regarding service rendered as soldier. Documents signed by John McCluster, Thomas Woods, and John Burton.
November 15, 1788 Regarding the convicted rioters in Pennsylvania Timothy Pickering Thomas Mifflin Stephen Jenkins, Joseph Kilborn, Thomas Kinney, and Darius Parker were tried and convicted of the riot committed at Wilkesbarre, where Pickering was taken and kept a prisoner in the woods.
July 16, 1799 Certification of payment; estate of Ensign George Woods in Captain Conrad Seyfert’s Company, 1st Regiment Philadelphia Militia, commanded by Colonel Francis Gurney, ordered out to suppress an insurrection in the Western Counties of Pennsylvania 1794 William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $7.60 retained rations to estate of Ensign George Woods in Captain Conrad Seyfert’s Company, 1st Regiment Philadelphia Militia, commanded by Colonel Francis Gurney, ordered out to suppress an insurrection in the Western Counties of Pennsylvania 1794, payable to widow Elizabeth Wood.
September 10, 1799 Deed for Beacon Island to John Gray Blount, Drawn by US Attorney W. Benjamin Woods, Delivered to Captain James Taylor Richard Dobbs Spaight James McHenry Letter, discusses deed to the United States for Beacon Island and encloses a bill of exchange for the purchase money. Warns of impending yellow fever.
March 18, 1789 Certification of Service for Dr. Bazil Middleton James Woods Unknown Recipient Certifies that Bazil Middleton was appointed a surgeon in the Virginia Line beginning in 1777 and continued to act as such until the British occupation of Charleston in 1780, when he joined the Southern Army. Clough Shelton - commissioned officer at that time of the Virginia Line - confirms this fact.
June 5, 1793 Search and Pursuit of the Creeks, Etc. William Blount Chiefs of the Cherokees Blount assures the Cherokee chiefs that he has informed the President of their peaceful intentions and he is looking forward to their visit to Philadelphia. He has ordered the continued pursuit of the marauding Creeks but mounted militia.
June 8, 1792 Escort to Fort Franklin, Carmichael's Subsistence, etc. Daniel Britt Joseph Howell Britt arrived in Pittsburgh in good order and and will proceed on to Fort Franklin to settle with Capt. Cass and the Indians. Lt. Jeffers' party of Rangers will escort him there and he has waited for them since the woods are lined with hostile Indians. Jeffers made a final stroke at them the previous week as indicated in the papers at Pittsburgh. Howell should look at the subsistence roll of 1790...
February 24, 1786 Talk of Old Tassel with Governor of Georgia Chief Tosell Governor Edward Telfair Talk of the Cherokee Chief "Old Tossell" (Old Tassel) to the Governor of Georgia asking that he keep John Sevier and his "bad men" from raiding the Cherokee towns. Fear of disturbance from white settlers, who frightened their women and children into the woods and plundered their homes. They seek peace.
February 22, 1793 Defective Howitzers & Request for Replacement Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne complains about the defective nature of his howitzers and asks for replacements of the same properties and caliber that are of better quality. Postscript includes birthday wishes for President George Washington.
January 4, 1786 Report on Treaty of Hopewell, Made with the Cherokee Indians Andrew Pickens John Hancock Report of commissioners Hawkins, Andrew Pickens, and Joseph Martin on their treaty with the Cherokee. Includes a detailed description of their meeting and their impressions of the Cherokee and their relation of the Cherokee's concerns.
August 29, 1796 A Letter Found in the Woods Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon A letter was found near the trailhead of the road leading from Lynchburg to New London which had coincidentally been in the New London mail. In order to know whether the public has sustained any injury, Hodgdon is asked whether he has sent any money since his letter of the 28th of June which enclosed $721.41.
May 2, 1785 [Return of military stores deposited in Rhode Island under the care of Josiah Flagg] Josiah Flagg [not available] Return of military stores deposited under Josiah Flagg.
March 1, 1793 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig announces the arrival of Doctor Carmichael and Mr. Woods to Samuel Hodgdon. Major Craig asks Hodgdon for a tea table set of china for Mrs. Craig.
May 24, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Milledge Simmons discusses the account of Edward Wood with Rep. John Milledge of Georgia.
August 5, 1798 Conveying Deserter Benjamin Woods James Read William Simmons Read has paid a bill related to the expenses of conveying Benjamin Wood, a deserter from Fort Mifflin, from Easton to Spring Garden. Should the bill and receipts be transmitted to Simmons?
March 1, 1797 Claim inadmissible William Simmons William Keteltas Informs Kileltas that the claim of Mr. Ebenezer Woods for his services as a dragoon in Colonel Lee's Corps (Legion) in the Revolutionary War is inadmissible due an act of limitations passed by Congress barring claims for service before 1789