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March 2, 1800 Clothing for the Troops Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton regrets that he has not yet received the clothing he requested for the troops since the winter is far advanced and new recruits without adequate clothing will soon be in a depressed situation.
October 22, 1796 Clothing Necessary for Winter Consumption, Etc. David Hale Samuel Hodgdon The Commandant has directed Hale to forward an estimate of clothing needed for the winter consumption of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers. Hale emphasizes the plight of the men who need clothing and urges that it be sent without delay. The number of woolen overalls on hand is hardly sufficient to furnish each man with one pair. Also there is a deficiency of muscians clothing. The approach...
October 16, 1797 Clothing for recruits Nathan Jones William R. Boote Requests from Ensign Boote the quantity of clothing that will be needed for his recruits during the winter.
July 10, 1799 Explains Clothing Contracts in Preparation for Autumn James McHenry [not available] Outlines instructions to supply clothing, explaining the lateness of the season. Concerned that clothing be produced before autumn. Links clothing with recruitment. Requests communication with officers.
November 22, 1796 Clothing Wanted for the Ensuing Winter. Etc. Stephen Rochefontaine Samuel Hodgdon Lieutenant Dransy, on his way to Baltimore, will deliver to Hodgdon Rochefontaine's request for one trunk, one box, and a hat case. Upon his return to West Point, Dransy will take charge of the clothing intending for the Corps at that post. Rochefontaine will, in the next post, forward the estimate of the clothing needed for the men for the approaching winter.
October 25, 1799 Winter Clothing Due Freeman's Company Nehemiah Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens, Agent of the War Department in New York, notified Freeman that he would receive from Hodgdon the winter clothing still due the company under his command. Freeman asks Hodgdon to deliver to Lieutenant Philip Rodrique receipts for the listed articles of clothing.
November 14, 1800 Dire Need of Winter Clothing Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig reiterates the dire need for winter clothing to Samuel Hodgdon. Craig asks Hodgdon what steps he should take to press his claim for adequate compensation for services rendered.
October 23, 1799 Return of clothing wanted for infantry Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Encloses a return of clothing wanted for a regiment of infantry, according to General Hamilton's request. Asks that the articles be forwarded before the winter sets in. States that he can handle the coats, vests, and blankets.
October 24, 1798 Our Situation Relative to Clothing for the Army Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon expresses his concern regarding clothing for the Army at the northern posts. As winter approaches, clothing should be transported immediately.
October 16, 1795 Request for Relief or Winter Clothing and Construction Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Notification that the term of active duty for Joseph McCutcheon and the men under his command will expire in January, and wish to be relieved or furnished with winter clothing as none of the men at Fort Le Boeuf have appropriate uniforms for the upcoming season. Discussed expenditures for new buildings being erected under Colonel Butler.
November 15, 1799 Winter Billeting of Troops, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses winter billeting of troops and clothing shipments with Samuel Hodgdon. Mentions the recent marriage of Captain Lyman to Susana Reese, sister of Thomas Reese.
October 18, 1799 Election of James Ross is Rather Doubtful, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon In addition to speculating on the possible election of James Ross, Craig observes that Dan Fisher arrived with the clothing for Fort Wayne. He also delivered a barrel of sugar and was paid for the transportation. The clothing will be sent on to Presqu'isle and should be delivered by winter if the fine weather continues. The clothing for Detroit has not arrived so it probably cannot reach that...
January 12, 1792 Supplies and Update from Fort Franklin Isaac Craig Henry Knox Request to Turnbull and Marnie to cast six pound shot for United States. Due to severe winter weather, procuring materials for block house has been difficult and Craig cannot give an accurate estimate of costs. Levies have deserted for want of proper winter clothing. Military updates from Fort Franklin.
November 16, 1799 Transporting Recruits to Winter Quarters Rufus Graves Alexander Hamilton Lt. Col. Graves informs Hamilton that the Contractor for New Hampshire asserts that he has already met his obligation and refuses to aid Graves in transporting the baggage and militry stores of the recruits of the 16th Regiment to winter quarters. Graves and the other officers have therefore had to assume the responsiblity for this task themselves.
December 1799 Encloses New Plan for Uniform of Army Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton encloses a plan for the uniform of the Army, per an earlier request from McHenry. He stresses the importance of proper appearance and complains about the current uniform. He also includes an estimate of clothing needed for the current troops, and hopes that materials for warm winter clothing will be sent as soon as possible.
December 12, 1799 Shortage of Clothing and Shoes William Willcocks Alexander Hamilton Willcocks laments the severe want of clothing and shoes for the recruits of the Twelfth Regiment in winter quarters, some of whom have refused duty and a number of men who might have enlisted have refused because of the shortages.
October 29, 1798 Clothing Ordered to the Northern Posts, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Billington Hodgdon expresses the uneasiness of the Secretary of War regarding the clothing intended for the northern posts which must be forwarded before winter arrives.
December 2, 1791 Preparations Henry Knox Isaac Craig Upon Mr. Swan's arrival, orders to prepare housing. Mentions no problems providing accommodations for troops to winter over at Fort Pitt.
November 17, 1794 More Blankets Are Needed! Cornelius Sedam Samuel Hodgdon The clothing and arms have arrived on board the sloop "Banger" but there must have been a mistake because there are no blankets, bayonet scabbards, or gun slings. Blankets in particular are needed during winter so Hodgdon is asked to find a way to provide them as soon as possible.
November 13, 1799 Return for Winter Clothing for one Sergt. & one private of the First Regt. of Infantry for the ensuing year Charles Hyde [not available] Stores, return for winter uniforms for a sergeant and private.
November 6, 1797 Tranquility Restored to Settlements, Winter Quarters in Pittsburgh James Wilkinson Col. Edgar Letter, discusses Indian aggressions and peace in Massac, Wilkinson to take up winter quarters in Pittsburgh.
October 26, 1799 Report from the Post at Michilimackinac Henry Burbeck Alexander Hamilton Burbeck reports on the need for winter clothing, back pay for the troops, and subsistence for the officers.
November 16, 1792 Winter Quarters, Artificers, Log Town, and Cleaning of Shot Isaac Craig Henry Knox Mentions preparations for winter quarters at Log Town; furnished with necessary implements and material for building; party of artificers followed. Mr. Campbell had a man cleaning the shot that was sent to the fort.
September 26, 1799 Military Appointments, Winter Quarters James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to an appointment [illegible]. Mentions the winter quarters of a regiment.
December 9, 1796 Winter Clothing Needed at West Point, Etc. Stephen Rochefontaine Samuel Hodgdon Rochefontaine transmits a return of clothing needed immediately at West Point. The weather has become so inclement that the men are actually suffering for want of clothing. He asked that the clothing be sent with Lieutenant Dransy but if he cannot return immediately, send someone else. Captain Frye should be notified because he can be relied upon to inform the contractors, Manning & Smith, of the...