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November 12, 1799 No Other Wife but the Service William North Alexander Hamilton North affirms Hamilton's assertion that a soldier should have no other wife than the service nor should he have children nor landed property. But, since he does have a wife and children, he will bring them with him to New York since to abandon them would not befit a soldier.
April 2, 1796 Pay to the Wife of an Officer William Simmons Nicholas Fish Directions to Fish regarding a sum of money that is to be paid to the wife of an officer for his Army pay
April 5, 1795 Pay My Wife for Dr. Brown's Rifle, Etc. Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Perkins asked if the money for Dr. Brown's rifle could be paid to his wife since she is in need of funds. He also needs a copy of the inventory of his tools since his has been lost. The drying of the stocks is almost complete so they will soon be ready.
June 9, 1799 Without You I Would be a Plow Man Thomas Jones Samuel Hodgdon Jones expresses his gratitude that Hodgdon has taken him under his protection and given him valuable instruction without which he would be a plowman. Jones's wife ["my rib"] extends her respects to Hodgdon and his wife ["your other half"]. He laments that he is now flat on his back with the rheumatism.
October 29, 1794 Pay for Capt. Zebulon Pike's Wife Joseph Howell Isabel Pike Eighty dollars has been remitted to Aaron Dunham, Supervisor at Trenton, being two month's pay for Capt. Zebulon Pike, that will be transmitted to his wife, Isabel Pike.
November 21, 1795 My Wife May Make Trouble for Me! Jacob Sorber Samuel Hodgdon Sorber asks for twenty dollars, ten of which will go to the bearer. If he does not get the money, he worries that his wife will make trouble for him.
November 23, 1798 Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores Edward Miller Samuel Hodgdon Captain Miller mentions horsemen and tents, along with the ill health of his wife.
October 9, 1786 Application for pay from the Widow Stevenson John Pierce Edward Carrington Mrs. Stevenson, wife of the deceased Lt. William Stevenson, has made application for the pay of commutation due her late husband.
September 3, 1796 Paid twice William Simmons George Balfour Discusses the circumstance and resolution of Balfour being paid twice in error for the same period - one payment made to his wife and one made to him at his Army post
July 13, 1798 Notification of Various Issues, Including Congress' Refusal to Declare War on France Benjamin Stoddert Captain John Barry Informs Barry of various matters -- including information about another ship, the health of his wife, and the closing of Congress without an official declaration of war against France.
November 12, 1794 Indian attack on women and children Anthony Crutcher William Crutcher Anthony Crutcher informs his brother William: "Yesterday I was a spectator to the most tragical scene that ever I saw in my life. The Indians made an attack on Colonel [John] Sevier's station, killed Snyder, his wife, and child, one of Colonel Sevier's children, and another wounded and scalped, which must die." Colonel Sevier himself was defending his house and wife. "It is impossible to...
April 14, 1792 Half-Pay for Mrs. Schwartz Thomas Hughes Joseph Howell Hughes acknowledges that he should have responded sooner but for too many letters to write and the fact that the post only tarried for two hours. Schwartz enlisted on 14 February and is willing for his wife to receive one-half of his pay. Should he be detached from Hughes he will pass the information along to Howell and will pay particular attention so that the US is not injured while Schwartz is...
July 29, 1799 Reports Payment of Accounts to Alexander Turner to Pay McKinley's Deserted Wife & Children Samuel Hodgdon William Mckinley Reports that the balance of McKinley's account has long been paid to Alexander Turner as reimbursement for monies advanced to support McKinley's deserted wife and children.
November 30, 1792 Receipt of Joseph Howell for pay due to Ann Vorhees wife of Abraham Vorhees Ann Voorhees Joseph Howell Ann Vorhees wife of Abraham Vorhees, received half a dollar on account of her husband's pay.
September 1, 1792 Receipt of Joseph Howell for pay due to Hannah Drane, wife of Alexander Drane Hannah Drane Joseph Howell Hannah Drane received $1.50 from Joseph Howell on account of pay due her husband.
January 8, 1793 Receipt of Pay Due to Hannah Drane Wife of Soldier [not available] [not available] Hannah Drane received $1.50 on account of pay of husband.
December 10, 1787 Jon Nicholson discusses business of the Comptroller's Office with Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell John Nicholson forward papers concerning the account of Colonel Wood to Joseph Howell. His wife is vulnerable and family in distress. Whatever pension may be coming would relieve them.
January 6, 1797 Pay & Forage of Surgeon's Mate George Balfour William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $72 is due George Balfour, Surgeon's Mate, being his pay and forage for July and August 1796 which sum is payable to his wife Elizabeth Balfour.
March 31, 1792 News from Pittsburgh Isaac Craig Henry Knox Craig passes along various bits of information he has received from various sources. Reports on an Indian murder of woman and children;
May 2, 1796 Pay & Forage of Surgeon's Mate George Balfour William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $72 is due George Balfour, Surgeon's Mate, being his pay and forage for March and April 1796, payable to Elizabeth Balfour, his wife.
September 30, 1786 Enclosed return of monies Joseph Howell John White Encloses return of monies advanced to sundry soldiers of the Maryland Line with a certificate; mentions the wife of Jacob Lyons.
May 18, 1798 Payment to John Wrenshall John Lovell [not available] Payment of $10.82 to John Wrenshall for calico and black silk gloves for Little Turtle's wife.
May 3, 1800 Debtors Prison Samuel Lewis James McHenry Former clerk of the War Department, Samuel Lewis, writes from debtor prison to James McHenry. Lewis sadly reflects on his current state, asserts that he will likely die in prison, and mourns the fact that he will leave his "tender wife" and "helpless children" behind. Expresses his hope that Congress might release him from confinement if he repays in installments. Requests from McHenry payment...
September 28, 1784 Service of John Neilson Josiah Harmar Joseph Carleton Josiah Harmar sends to Joseph Carleton, Secretary at War, a letter certifying the service of John Neilson, matross.
June 7, 1796 Sorrow over the declining health of a loved one William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray expresses extreme sorrow at the rapidly declining health of his wife, concluding the letter with an inquiry into bounty lands. Murray blames himself at one point for his wife's illness, suggesting that his frequent absence may have worsened her condition.