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January 19, 1797 Letter to the Secretary at War Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Letter, asks for consideration of widow's claim.
June 28, 1790 Action on the Arrarages of Widow Joseph Howell David Zeigler Widow of William Grubb, late Serjeant of Zeigler's Company requested arrarages, Howell requested information on the account of Grubb.
October 24, 1788 Application of a widow for settlement Jonathan Dayton Joseph Howell Discusses the application of a widow of an officer for the settlement of his accounts for service in the New Jersey Line during the Revolutionary War
April 4, 1787 Claims of Captain Reese's widow Joseph Howell Jonathan Taylor Regarding claims of Captain Reese's widow, payments went to Reese's Regiment. If Reese did not receive his pay, it still remains in the hands of gentlemen who received it for the Regiment.
March 9, 1797 Secretary at War directs the conduct of Indian affairs with Chapin James McHenry Israel Chapin Jr Letter, McHenry directs Chapin regarding payment to widow of murdered Indian.
January 17, 1797 Report From Committee of Claims on Petition of Cherokee Chief Widow Dwight Foster House of Representatives 4th Congress, Second Session. No. 73. Request for provisions and compensation by widow of Scolacuttaw, or Hanging Maw. Widow claimed John Beard and other armed men attacked her home and killed her husband. Committee of Claims expressed difficulty in advising the House of Representatives action due to mutual hostilities between Cherokees and settlers of Tennessee. Policy for future...
November 22, 1798 Receipt from Ensign Boote for monies to be paid widow of Private Thomas Hill William R. Boote [not available] Receipt from Ensign Boote 3d Infantry Regiment, from Nicholas Fish, monies to be paid widow of Private Thomas Hill. Hill was under Boote's command.
September 11, 1784 Letter of introduction and widow's benefits James F. Armstrong John Pierce James Armstrong sends John Pierce a letter of introduction carried by Mrs. Vergereau. The letter explains her claims to widow's benefits.
January 15, 1787 Delay in Correspondence Caused by Icy River William Price Henry Knox The river is so full of ice it is not possible to safely send the three pounders which Knox requested. The guns will either be sent once the river is clear or Knox can have them sent by land. Price will draw two months pay at the first opportunity. Any commands from Knox can be left at Widow Warren's in the highlands; Price will visit once a week to retrieve them.
November 21, 1795 Pay of Ruth Carson, Widow of Private James Carson William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $16.77 is due Ruth Carson, widow of James Carson, late a private of Capt. Michael Kalteisen's Company, being his pay from June 1 to October 6, 1795, the day he was drowned.
June 9, 1795 Pay of Major William McMahon's Widow William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $150 is due Mary McMahon, widow of Major William McMahon, 4th Sub Legion, being his pay from February 1, 1794 to the day of his death, June 30, 1794.
June 17, 1786 Mistakes in certificates; applications by widow and orphan of Lieutenant Quarles John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb References a mistake in certificates. Mentions leaving office and some person authorized to received claims. Mentions that if widow and orphan of Lieutenant Quarles, cannot obtain half pay from the states, they will find an application to congress as fruitless.
May 29, 1787 Claims of Lieutenant Wild's widow Charles Pettit John Pierce Petitt writes on behalf of widow of Lieutenant Wild of Delaware Regiment. Wild reportedly received not pay for service from 1 August 1777 to 1 August 1778 when he resigned his commission, being unable to perform his duties as an officer because of wounds received at the Battle of Germantown. Sometime later, he resigned his breath. The widow made no application. Now she is told she must make an...
May 30, 1786 Knox transmits the sword authorized by Congress to Tilghman's widow Henry Knox Mrs. Tench Tilghman The Secretary of War writes a letter of condolence to the widow of Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman, and sends his sword as well.
May 22, 1787 Regarding soldier nursed by Mrs. Williams and widow of John Jones Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Howell reports that after a full examination of returns, he cannot find the name of the soldier nursed by Mrs. Williams. Therefore, Howell cannot comply with request of issuing a certificate for the amount of her account; nor can he assist the widow of John Jones, since by returns of 4th Artillery Regiment, Jones deserted.
November 14, 1791 Mrs Welsh requests widow's pension from Knox Anna Welsh Henry Knox Letter, Anna Welsh asks Knox for widow's pension.
April 24, 1786 Widow applying for pension Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell The author is verifying the Army service of James Wilson whose widow is applying for government benefits.
May 2, 1787 Pay Order from the Widow of John Jones Elizabeth Jones Unknown Recipient Order from the widow of John Jones - formerly belonging to the Artillery unit - for his pay due. Empowers Joseph Howell to receive the pay.
January 19, 1797 Request for Compensation for Widow of John de Neuville Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton requested compensation for widow of John de Neuville.
October 9, 1786 Application for pay from the Widow Stevenson John Pierce Edward Carrington Mrs. Stevenson, wife of the deceased Lt. William Stevenson, has made application for the pay of commutation due her late husband.
May 22, 1787 Application of half pay in case of widow of Major Elisha Painter Jeremiah Wadsworth John Pierce Major Elisha Painter was in Colonel Baldwin's Regiment of artificers. He held other ranks in Continental Army. He died at New Haven Connecticut in January 1781 and his widow applies to the state of his half pay. Asks for documents, noting that time is short in reaching deadline for application.
March 23, 1793 A Widow's Request for Mr. Gilmore's Pension Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Howell is informing Swan that the widow of a Mr. Gilmore, of Captain Smyth's company, has inquired if any money is still due her late husband. "There appears to be none of Capt. Smyth's Comp." might imply that there are no records of other survivors of that unit.
October 3, 1795 Confirms paying the widow Roberts William Simmons Staats Morris Informs Capt. Morris that Nicholas Fish has paid Mrs. Roberts.
October 1, 1795 Instructions to pay widow William Simmons Nicholas Fish Directs Nicholas Fish to pay Mrs. Sophia Roberts for her husband's service.
September 20, 1784 Compensation for widow John Pierce Mrs. Vergereau Informs Mrs. Vergereau of the process required to receive compensation as a widow of a fallen soldier.