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January 27, 1797 Weather Inhibited Travel Edward D. Turner William Simmons Turner submitted his most recent subsistence account to Isaac Craig. The river is completely blocked with ice, and he intended to go overland but the weather has been too bad to try. He may wait for the ice to break on the river.
December 1, 1791 Bad Weather Prevents the Expense Report Thomas H. Cushing Joseph Howell Reports bad weather that has prevented him from submitting and expense report, but will send it at the next post.
February 9, 1798 Severe Weather Delayed the Delivery of Clothing Samuel Hodgdon Staats Morris Letter, advises re overdue uniforms; discusses severe winter.
June 6, 1798 Hard Weather Flags & Powder Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Capt. Elliott requests two hard weather flags and a further supply of powder.
January 6, 1797 Weather, Supplies, and Payment Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Noted severe weather and conditions on river related to ice. Arrival of newspapers, Indian baggage, and other supplies described. Enclosed estimate of expenditures for Pittsburgh. Requests compensation for past services.
March 26, 1799 Order from Major Langham for All Stores on Hand; Reports Good Weather for Canals Samuel Hodgdon John Mackey Includes an order from Major Langham for all stores on hand. Will forward as many common tents as on hand to Pittsburgh. Will communicate subsequent orders. Reports good weather, favorable for canals, which need immediate attention.
November 30, 1798 Weather Conditions and River Transportation Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Water conditions, completing construction of vessel, and movement of troops.
September 16, 1800 Cool Weather Favorable for Escaping the Fever, Etc. Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Stevens offers to send Governor Sargent's trunk to New Orleans by the vessel "Julian" which sails soon. Since the weather is cool, the prospects of escaping the fever this season. It is, however, sickly in the country. Mr. Osgood on Long Island has had 18 members of his family sick and he has lost two of his children.
July 1, 1797 Responding to Warm Weather by Working on Muskets David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Ames transmits a return of the work done at the Armorer's shop at Springfield for the month of June. Since the weather is becoming warm and the work over the fire disagreeable, he suggests that they soon begin working on the muskets in the stores.
October 22, 1798 Letter from Captain Calender Irvine requesting vests for his troops Callender Irvine Samuel Hodgdon Received public clothing but no vests. Perhaps there were none. Weather is setting in cold. Request woolen overalls and vests. Have fifty recruits.
February 10, 1800 Employment of the Troops at the Cantonment Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Alexander Hamilton Pinckney informs Hamilton that, due to the inclement winter weather, he has not been able to adequately train the troops at the Cantonment at Harper's Ferry but argues against using them to dig a canal during the Spring and Summer.
December 6, 1785 Poor condition of roads Richard Backhouse Samuel Hodgdon Richard Backhouse writes Samuel Hodgdon concerning the weather and exceptionally poor condition of the roads in the region.
December 9, 1794 Fortifications at Norfolk John Jacob Rivardi Henry Knox The engineer for fortifying Norfolk writes to Secretary Knox. States that all the guns at Fort Norfolk have been mounted and unmasked; the battery is now completely turfed and in perfect order; the barracks are already framed. Writes that the weather has been very favorable.
January 12, 1797 Regarding Lumber Shipment & Weather Effects on Shipping Forman Cheesman Josiah Fox Letter, informs re shipment of locust trunails; discusses effects of weather on shipping.
March 3, 1797 Regarding Navy Yard, Rents & Lease, And Weather Effects Foreman Cheeseman Josiah Fox Letter, informs re yard at Corlear's Hook; informs re rent and terms of lease; mentions former navy yards; discusses severity of weather.
April 24, 1799 Requests Extra Tents and Clothing for Capt. Amos Stoddart Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports that Captain Stoddart in Portland needs tents for his men and is concerned about warm weather and exposure to contagious disorders. Stoddart also requests extra clothing, promising to pay for them at contract price.
March 21, 1799 The Progress of My Detachment John Henry Alexander Hamilton Capt. Henry reports on the progress of his detachment which has been delayed by unfavorable weather. Lieutenant Boote has been asked to deliver to the Quartermaster any clothing that is not being used by his detachment so that it can be made available to Henry's soldiers.
January 23, 1784 Information on Depreciation John Jacob Faesch Samuel Hodgdon Author requests that recipient provide the "Table of Depreciation" that Congress made for him or let him know where it can be found as he soon plans to leave for home.
January 5, 1799 Seeks Assurance for Shipment of Pattern Muskets to Baltimore Samuel Hodgdon Zebulon Hollingsworth Reports that Sevi Hollingsworth has prepared a box of pattern muskets for delivery to John Kilty in Baltimore. Inquires after the mode of conveyance; hopes that a stage wagon will work if the weather impedes. Wants to assure the safe arrival of the package and promises that payment for the shipping will be taken care of.
December 16, 1796 Illness of General Wayne and Weather Conditions Isaac Craig James McHenry General Wayne ill at Presque Isle, his health is of great concern and medicine is being shipped. Capt. Turner prohibited from traveling on the Ohio river due to ice.
December 21, 1798 Shipment of Stores Stranded on the Ohio Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon that sudden cold weather has likely stranded a shipment of stores on the Ohio.
November 7, 1798 Yellow Fever, Boundaries, and Mr. Gerry's Return Timothy Pickering James McHenry Pickering discusses the yellow fever in Philadelphia and New York which seems to have abated due to the cold weather. It appears that the northern boundary between the United States and Britain have been settled by the Commissioners and there has been progress in establishing the southern boundary between the U.S. and Spain. Mr. Gerry's return to the U.S. will confirm the opinion of those who...
January 24, 1800 Transportation of Provisions and Payment Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Weather has proved to be favorable, no interruption to navigation of the Ohio river. Hospital stores have gone forward. Parker has made multiple requests for draft of money in Hodgdon's hands.
January 13, 1797 Advanced Money and Refunds Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Apologies for difficulty in obtaining a refund for the money advanced Maj. Langham. Weather prohibits travel of Indians to Fort Washington. Advised Hodgdon to continue seeking compensation for additional services he provided the government.
May 6, 1799 Linens Better than Woolens in Warm Weather, Etc. Michael Kalteisen Samuel Hodgdon Kalteisen laments the want of clothing at Fort Johnson and stresses the need for linen clothing to replace the woolens which are so uncomfortable for the soldiers in warm weather.