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March 22, 1794 Iron available for warlike armaments Levi Hollingsworth Samuel Hodgdon Should the public need cannon shot or any iron casting for warlike armaments, Hollingsworth recommends his friend Richard Edwards of Lumberton, New Jersey. He is desirous of contracting for the casting and delivery of his castings from an air furnace which will be equal to any on the continent.
September 24, 1785 Secretary at War Unable to Foster the Art of War Henry Knox Ebenezer Huntington Henry Knox, Secretary at War, informs Major General Ebenezer Huntington that "the Confederation directs that each state must provide themselves with warlike apparatices." As such, Knox has no authority to allocate public stores [artillery] for state usage. Knox laments his inability to "foster the knowledge of the art of war."
June 15, 1798 Appointment as Captain; Immediate Instructions to Set Sail James McHenry Captain Stephen Decatur Reports purchase of ship Delaware (now Hamburgh Packet). Issues presidential appointment as captain of the ship and requests immediate activity, to be equipped for three months. Requests appointment of staff and lists salary. Requests physical examination to ensure sound health. Seeks information about rendezvous and outlines responsibilities. Outlines process to obtain military stores.
July 7, 1793 Indians' Speech Chiefs of Wabash and Illinois Tribes Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department Requested reasons for "warlike appearances" of the United States. Commissioners to answer the following day.
April 25, 1800 Abstracts of Stores Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig sends abstracts of stores to Samuel Hodgdon, notes some errors in previous invoices and returns.
June 1789 Bill to Establish the Department of War House of Representatives [not available] Bill to establish the Department of War. Either a draft or amended version.
May 11, 1798 Appointment to Captain for Ship Ganges; Instructions to Staff Ship James McHenry Captain Richard Dale Announces purchase and preparation of the ship Ganges. Presidential appointment as navy captain, to take command of the ship. Requested to get the ship to see within a week with the necessary improvements and officers and staff. Requests that each seaman be examined by the surgeon. Outlines specific responsibilities and records.
April 11, 1793 Creeks Never at Peace with Cumberland John Watts William Blount Watts, of the Cherokee Nation, affirms his credibility in warning of the warlike intentions of the Creek Nation against the Cumberland settlements.
April 2, 1800 Letter to the President of the United States James McHenry John Adams Largely illegible draft of a letter to the President of the United States. Relates to the running of the War Department, with specific mention of the duties and powers of the Accountant of the War Department.
January 18, 1793 Invoice of Stores Received Isaac Craig Henry Knox Encloses return of ordnance and military stores. Mentions Major Burbeck. Has made return of Quarter Master stores to Colonel O'Hara.
August 25, 1792 Return of Stores John Stagg Isaac Craig Secretary of War is absent for few days. Letter and returns received at Pittsburg last post.
December 9, 1796 Bills, Stores Shipped, Returns of Stores Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig acknowledges the receipt of money from Hodgdon. Craig informs Hodgdon that a general return of ordinance, hospital stores, and quartermaster stores has been forwarded to the Secretary at War.
May 4, 1787 Forwarding of Ordnance and Stores Returns William Price Henry Knox Forwards various ordnance and stores records, along with an account of stores sold to James Manon.
June 8, 1797 Delivery of Hospital Stores James McHenry John Harris Order to deliver medicine, hospital and quartermaster stores to Niagara.
January 10, 1798 Return of Stores for 1797 John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is the return of stores received and delivered during the year 1797 and the receipts for the stores delivered.
September 16, 1794 Military Stores Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Stores to be attended to, busy schedule prevents Hunt from answering Mr. Parker.
March 15, 1784 U.S. military stores in South Carolina Samuel Hodgdon Colonel Senef Requests information on the status of the United States military stores in South Carolina.
October 4, 1790 Regarding Receipt for Transport of Public Stores Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, encloses receipt for transport of public stores.
September 11, 1790 Regarding Bill for Shipment of Military Stores Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, encloses bill for shipment of stores.
May 23, 1794 Copy of Invoice of Stores Isaac Craig Henry Knox Ensign McClair to escort stores to be transported. Enclosed copy invoice of stores sent forward with Collins and Campbell.
February 21, 1793 Allocation of Public Stores Charles Anderson Samuel Hodgdon Allocation of public stores discussed.
June 15, 1787 Regarding Examination of Military Stores in Rhode Island Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, Regarding Examination of Military Stores in Rhode Island
April 14, 1800 Moving the Military Stores to a State Arsenal, Etc. Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Military stores belonging to the United States are kept in a wooden building along with combustible articles for which the rent is $500 per annum. Stevens has obtained permission from the legislature to have the Commissary of Stores move the military stores to an arsenal soon to be completed. The state will deposit its military stores at the arsenal but there will be room for the stores of the...
June 18, 1784 Charge of stores at French Creek Frederick Foose Samuel Hodgdon Agreement to take charge of the U.S. military stores at French Creek.
September 21, 1794 Update on Stores Delivered Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Military stores delivered by Mr. Nicholson. Arms and accouretments nearly forwarded. Many materials are wanted.