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June 15, 1798 Correspondence from the western posts John Caldwell James McHenry Discusses the murder of an Indian named White Eyes by a boy named Carpenter with a knife and club.
December 14, 1800 Receipt for Goods Provided Captain Hughes [not available] [not available] Receipt for goods provided Captain Hughes from December 11-14, 1800.
November 20, 1792 Regarding Letter from Captain William Preston Henry Knox William Preston Knox acknowledges receipt of letter of 14 November and will reply by next post.
July 5, 1792 Complaints about Captain Olivar James Seagrove George Washington James Seagrove - Indian agent in the Southern Department - states that General McGillivray has removed himself from the Creek land, and that he has been replaced by an agent of the Spanish, Captain Olivar. He states that Olivar is entreating the Creek to give no land to the Americans, and to have nothing to do with them. Mentions that Olivar is surely overstepping his bounds, and is also a...
January 13, 1795 Support and Supplies to Fight Creeks General James Robertson William Blount Robertson writes Gov. Blount on behalf of the Chickasaws who seek support and supplies as they endeavor to fight the Creeks, citing treaty b/w Chickasaws and U.S. stating the Indians are now citizens of the U.S.
February 13, 1793 Proposed War with the Creeks Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation General Robertson The Chickasaw chiefs blame the Creeks for the violence in the southwest and ask for the guns, ammunition, supplies, and food to go to war with them.
April 24, 1793 Hostile Incursions of White Inhabitants Henry Knox Isaac Shelby Knox warns that any hostile white incursions onto Indian lands north of the Ohio River must be prohibited as they would endanger the proposed treaty negotiations with the hostile Indians.
August 6, 1792 Estimate for the supplies wanted for Major Henry Gaither's Command at the southward Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of supplies wanted for Major Henry Gaither's Command at the Southwards.
March 20, 1793 Information Respecting the Intentions of the Southern Indians James Carey William Blount Carey responds to Governor Blount's inquiries regarding the violence of the southern Indians against American settlers and the possibility of an alliance between the southern and northern tribes in a general war against the United States.
January 10, 1794 Preparations for Indian Attacks in Kentucky Isaac Shelby Henry Knox Governor Isaac Shelby of Kentucky warns that hostile Indians have been emboldened by their successes against the expeditions sent against them and he has every reason to believe that they will attack again early in the Spring. He discusses his proposals for preparing for these inevitable attacks.
September 17, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove to Georgia Governor Telfair regarding Georgia inhabitant resistance toward his efforts to meet with Creek leadership James Seagrove Henry Knox From Ft Fidius on the Oconee River, Seagrove describes the Georgia inhabitants as being violently against peace with the Creek Nation. Notes that parties of militia are kept out to intercept Seagrove if he attempts to enter the Creek Nation. Describes a scene at Long Bluff whereby some Indians were attacked by Captain Stokes of the militia, an affair which has kept the Indians from coming forward...
July 18, 1799 Account of John Chisholm Stephen Hillis [not available] Accounts of John Chisholm relating to travel and other expenses of delegations of Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and other tribes to the United States.
January 14, 1794 Release of Prisoners Anthony Wayne Indians Northwest of Ohio River Speech of Captain Big Tree: His Nephews were too proud last summer but came to their senses and lowered the asking price regarding the release of prisoners.