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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
September 24, 1789 Littlefield asks Knox to forward his application to the President William Littlefield Henry Knox Letter, encloses application to President.
December 8, 1790 Belknap writes to Knox regarding a widow's continental securities Jeremy Belknap Henry Knox Letter, asks for favor to forward letter; asks for advice re creditor application to Congress.
March 28, 1800 The Case of Capt. Tillinghast Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice As with the case of Capt. George Tillinghast, officers should apply to Hamilton through their commandant whose comments will then help him to ascertain the proper response to each case. Noted it was desirable for officers to be with regiments in May which was a proper time of year for the improvement in exercise.
February 14, 1791 Half-Pay Due Widows and Orphans Henry Knox [not available] The Secretary for the Department of War to whom was referred the petition of Anne Roberts and of the orphan children of the late Major Andrew Leitch and of the late Captain William White reports that the half pay due widows and orphans had not been paid by United States due to lack of proper application. He advises that applications for half-pay should be made to states of residence.
May 14, 1798 Application for a Lieutenancy in the Navy John McRea Unknown Recipient McRea has submitted his application for a lieutenancy on board one of the vessels fitted out as convoys for merchant ships. Fearing that a mere application might not be sufficient, he has secured recommendations from friends as well as acquaintances Richard Harrison and Charles Lee.
August 9, 1789 Knox writes to Habersham of Georgia Henry Knox John Habersham Letter, advises re letter of application.
May 24, 1789 Advice on Application to Public Office Henry Knox [not available] Advice on application to public office. Comments on education and reputation.
April 26, 1789 Discussion of Communication With President & Application for Collector Office Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, discusses letter to the President; discusses application for appointment.
August 26, 1796 Extract of Letter on Subject of Location for Block House and Barracks Isaac Craig James McHenry Craig strongly recommends lots No. 37 and 38 in the town of Waterford for the barracks and block house. The lots are to be sold at auction, and cannot be reserved. Craig therefore bought them in his own name, and expects the fee to be waived once application is made to the Governor or Legislature of Pennsylvania.
June 9, 1784 Application for pay Simeon DeWitt John Pierce Discusses an application for the payment of subsistence pay.
June 16, 1789 Fosdick discusses his application for federal appointment with Knox Nathaniel Fosdick Henry Knox Letter, discusses application to federal appointment.
March 12, 1790 Lyman solicits an appointment from Knox Daniel Lyman Henry Knox Letter, discusses application for federal appointment.
November 20, 1800 Letter from the Secretary of War regarding application for commission Samuel Dexter Thomson Randolph Refers to an application for commission received and notes that there is no vacancy.
October 11, 1791 Application of Richard Varick John Stagg Joseph Howell Directed by Henry Knox to transmit the application of Lieutenant Colonel Richard Varick for examination. Varick is claiming an allowance of bounty lands from the United States
May 19, 1790 Application by Capt. Jonathan Pearsee Joseph Howell Henry Knox Letter to the War Secretary regarding an application made by Capt. Jonathan Pearsee to the Office of Army Accounts.
March 5, 1792 Knox solicits the application of Eustis for newly created position Henry Knox William Eustis Letter, discusses compensation for surgeons.
January 8, 1800 Lt. Baldwin's Application for Furlough William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Lt. Baldwin's second application for a furlough due to ill health is confirmed by Dr. Douglass who says that Baldwin's complaint is syphilis which has contaminated his whole system and rendered him unfit for service.
August 24, 1798 Concerning the recommendation of Mr. Bradley James McHenry James Hillhouse States that he will pay particular attention to the recommendation of Mr. Bradley (most likely for the proposed Provisional Army), but reminds him that it is neither proper nor fitting at this time to anticipate such applications.
July 28, 1798 Regarding Application for Officer's Commission James McHenry Jonathan Trumbull Acknowledges receipt of Trumbull's letter recommending "Mr. Huntington" for an officer's commission in the provisional army. McHenry states that he cannot himself promise a commission, but that the application will receive his utmost attention.
July 19, 1796 Regarding Claim of Samuel Hull for Pension Jonathan Dayton William Simmons Forwards a letter regarding the claim of Samuel Hull, former soldier, whose application for a pension has apparently been suspended. Dayton asks to be informed what is needed to complete the application to make it valid.
December 17, 1798 Articles Purchased by Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon William Simmons Hodgdon has received an abstract of the articles purchased by Ebenezer Stevens, for which he will be held accountable.
August 24, 1786 Application for sundry pay John Pierce Nathaniel Gorham Informs the President of Congress, Nathaniel Gorham, that Major Whitcomb, who commanded an Independent Corps of Rangers, has made an application for the pay of his sundry soldiers.
May 12, 1796 Acknowledged Receipt of Permission to Make an Application for Money Claude P. Pourcheresse William Simmons Encloses his account for four months wages and acknowledges receipt of notice that he can apply to Nathaniel Gorham for additional money.
January 22, 1791 Application of Benjamin Stagg Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Encloses for the Auditor of the Treasury the application of Benjamin Stagg, which he says is similar with Charles Wallington's.
May 30, 1792 Application for vacancy in army Henry Knox William Preston Secretary Knox informs William Preston that his application to fill one of the vacancies in the army has come too late. The vacancies of Captain Alexander Gibson and Captain Howell Lewis have already been filled.