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June 19, 1791 One More Wagon Major Erkuries Beatty William Knox Beatty has written General Knox about an additional wagon to meet him in Trenton. He finds that it will be impossible for him to transport the quantity of spare clothing, arms, and tents that he is obliged to carry for his party of at least 100 levies without one more wagon.
June 5, 1792 Captain Kersey's Wagon John Stagg William Knox Captain Kersey is waiting for the wagon for his detachment. It is absolutely necessary that he is furnished immediately because the Secretary of War ordered that the troops could not march without it.
December 23, 1785 Report on Problem With Wagon Cover Shipment, & on Desertions from West Point William Price Henry Knox Discusses problem with bulkiness of shipped wagon covers; reports that three men have deserted -- two from Connecticut, one from [New] York -- and that parties have been sent in search of them.
January 23, 1799 Sends Clothing and Military Stores via Wagon Samuel Hodgdon James Read Sends requested clothing and military stores. Because the waterway is unsure, will send by wagon. Requests acknowledgment of receipt and whether the shipment agrees with the invoice.
December 1, 1796 Keep the Indians' Wagon in Readiness John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War requests that the wagon for the Indians' baggage should be kept in readiness since it cannot start until their clothing is finished.
December 2, 1791 Status of Supplies Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Location of supplies to be shipped via wagon given.
September 18, 1794 Wagon for Baggage & Prisoners Thomas Hutchins Samuel Hodgdon Huntchins wants a wagon for the purpose of transporting baggage and the prisoners of a detachment of recruits to Spring Garden.
October 14, 1794 No Driver for My Wagon John Sears Samuel Hodgdon Sears apologizes for not sending his wagon. Just as he had the carriage ready, the driver decided not to go. Sears' driver is taking Mr. Page to Bristol but will be available upon his return.
March 4, 1799 Wagon in Which My Baggage is Being Sent John McKee Samuel Hodgdon McKee observes that he arrived at the post without any complaint against the horse other than his frequently stumbling during the journey. To allay his anxiety, he wants information by post of the wagon in which Mr. Harrison is forwarding his baggage
July 2, 1791 Letter from Samuel Hodgdon to William Knox request for pay for Mr Trimble for wagon transport Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon requests that William Knox pay Mr Trimble 3 days of hauling of public goods. Asks that he be paid $3.00 per day. He has behaved well and his loads were delivered in good order.
April 27, 1792 Hiring Wagon for Indian Luggage Henry Knox William Knox Letter, directs hiring wagon for Indian luggage.
October 16, 1794 Arrest the President's Wagon Henry Knox Ephrain Blaine Knox orders Blaime to arrest the President's wagon until his orders are received but the shipment of clothing should be sent on.
June 19, 1795 Pay for the hiring of a wagon for Major General Charles Scott baggage William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $174 is due Major General Charles Scott, late of the Kentucky Mounted Volunteers, being the hire of a wagon to transfer his baggage from May 14 to July 10, 1794.
December 26, 1793 Indian Attack on a Wagon Loaded with Corn William Blount Henry Knox Blount reports on an Indian attack, believed to be Creeks, on citizens transporting a wagonload of corn for the subsistence of local families in which two men were killed and a mulatto boy captured.
April 25, 1794 Craig and Bissell Receipts; Shipment of Foods and Money on Colonel Culbertson's Wagon Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Quartermaster General will honor drafts mentioned by Craig. Bissell's receipt will be attended to. Reports on contents of Colonel Culbertson's wagon. Money it to be shipped by first opportunity to Fort Washington. Colonel O'Hara goes forward in next few weeks.
March 2, 1797 Fraudulent Charges by Colonel Rochefontaine at West Point William Simmons James McHenry Reports to the Secretary of War that Colonel Rochefontaine at West Point has fraudulently charged the Department for the hire of a wagon and horses that are Army property and the pay of Archibald McConnico, who is already paid as a soldier, to drive the wagon.
January 18, 1792 Powder Casks John Stagg William Knox As soon as possible, Knox should provide a wagon to transport powder casks. Knox should send a return for the quantity forwarded.
April 30, 1791 Delivery of Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Enclosed invoice for private articles. Requested supplies for dragoons to arrive in next wagon.
April 25, 1794 Request for infantry clothing, accoutrement, and a wagon to convey baggage for detachment John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Requests that Hodgdon issue a suit of infantry clothing, stand of arms, accoutrement to a recruit enlisted by Ensign McClean. Also two drum carriages, and a wagon to convey baggage of detachment ordered to Pittsburg.
December 4, 1794 A Tedious and Disagreeable Journey James Jones Matthias Slough Jones complains of his tedious and disagreeable journey due to the total incapacity of the horses hired at Lancaster. One of the horses gave out at Wright's Ferry and another one at Laurel Hill. He has had to hire a second team to draw his wagon and baggage. The bearer was offered a third horse to take the wagon home but he refused due to the state of the roads over the mountains.
March 9, 1799 Reports that McKee's Baggage has been Forwarded Samuel Hodgdon John McKee Reports that McKee's luggage was forwarded in a wagon belonging to Andrew Mars. Is glad that the horse acts as expected.
November 4, 1800 Mistaken Boxes Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Feared Capt. Turner's box was sent to the wrong location as it never arrived at the store in Pittsburgh. Proposed a mix up with Capt. Butler's box, sent via Abraham Hare's wagon, and Capt. Turner's box.
July 1, 1799 Request for Issue of Cannon Implements & an Ammunition Wagon James McHenry John Harris Directs delivery of ammunition and equipment for six-pounder cannon, as well as an ammunition wagon. A note identifying the receiving officer for the munitions, by an individual whose signature is illegible, is appended.
July 22, 1791 Supplies for Captain Newman Henry Knox William Knox Orders supplies to be given to Capt. Newman upon his arrival at Fort Pitt.
June 21, 1794 Shipment of Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Ammunition shipped via J. Henderson's wagon. Authorization to retain horse as public property.