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March 1, 1798 Cash Invoices on the Wagons with the Treaty Goods Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Letter, discusses cash invoices included in the wagons with the treaty goods.
September 19, 1792 Request for Transport of Supplies John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Secretary of War requested waggons for the transport of bags and supplies of Capt. Peirce's detachment to Pittsburgh.
June 22, 1797 Accounts to be Forwarded by Next Post Stephen Hillis William Simmons Hillis intended to send along the accounts of W. Rickard via Lieut. Davidson, but urgent business has prevented it thus far. Intended to mail accounts by next post. Notes on the accounts and their regularity. The accounts will be sent via Col. Henley's waggons.
August 24, 1798 Buchanan's Misconduct Samuel Hopes Samuel Hodgdon Hopes advises Hodgdon to guard against Buchanan's potential misconduct.
April 27, 1792 Hiring Wagon for Indian Luggage Henry Knox William Knox Letter, directs hiring wagon for Indian luggage.
December 20, 1795 Adapting Carriages of Ammunition, Etc. Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering lists a number of items and wonders whether they can be obtained and received at West Point by early April. The carriages of the wagons should be adapted to the kind of ammunition they will carry. Whatever is deposited at Springfield can be transported as soon as the ice breaks up on the Connecticut River. Colonel Rochefontaine choose to have the wagons completed at West Point but...
November 13, 1794 Conveying the Invalids' baggage T. Hutchins Samuel Hodgdon The Department of War has directed Hutchins to apply to Hodgdon for wagons to convey the baggage of the invalids of his detachment to Pittsburgh. He requires two wagons since there are numerous invalids.
May 18, 1793 Indians Under Captain Prior; Wagons; Mrs Craig Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Indians under Captain Prior will be with Craig; asks that Craig send the waggons back immediately. Respects to Mrs. Craig; her China shall command more attention.
March 16, 1798 New Cannon are of Poor Quality, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon that the new cannon are of poor quality and that trucks and gin blocks are still needed to mount these guns. And due to the Secretary at War's delay in settling his claim for personal compensation, Craig tells Hodgdon that he will begin to seek other employment opportunities.
June 18, 1792 Payment receipt received General Edward Hand Henry Knox General Hand acknowledges the receipt of Knox's previous letter, and the money advanced to pay the waggoners.
July 5, 1793 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig acknowledges the receipt of a ration of clothing but laments not getting a resupply of cash from Hodgdon.
April 17, 1795 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon of various accounts with merchants that are made payable to the United States.
February 17, 1792 Two Wagons John Stagg William Knox Knox is asked to make two wagons available for Capt. Hughes who has been ordered to march the following day.
April 27, 1795 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon that the bearer of the letter is owed money and that recently procured waggons have been delivered without covers.
December 25, 1794 Horses and Arms Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Horses sold, arms arrived in disorganized manner, return for arms to be made out shortly.
October 6, 1797 Acknowledged Receipt of Vouchers William Simmons Stephen Hillis Simmons received letter from Hillis. Wagons have arrived by vouchers mentioned in letter by Hillis have not yet come to hand.
September 19, 1794 Forwarded Arms Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Arms forwarded, Hunt making every effort to send along powder.
April 9, 1794 Compensation for Cost of Arms Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Assurances of following directions given by Hodgdon, cost of arms procured noted.
November 22, 1793 Lost convoy and military defeats in Europe Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Forwards requested money to the Quartermast General. Mentions loss of a convoy laden with whiskey. In Europe reports on retreat at Dunkirk by British and Germans with disgrace; grand combined armies forced over the Rhine with losses of ordnance.
May 25, 1792 Reports of neglect of equipment Henry Knox James O'Hara Secretary Knox has heard that six brass cannon and three tons of sheet iron have been left in the road by wagonners. Asks the Quartermaster General that equipment be forwarded to Pittsburgh and the that the conduct of the wagonners be stated in order to prosecute according to law.
February 28, 1794 Account of Mr. White Joseph Howell John Steel Howell instructs Steel to inform Mr. White that his account is to be settled upon the same terms of the wagons employed by Mr. Allison which it is hoped will be to Mr. White's satisfaction.
August 30, 1793 Letters; Boat Loads; Construction at Wheeling Isaac Craig Henry Knox Has sent forward letters to Headquarters by express for Fort Washington. On board he has sent wagons, their apparatus, and pack saddles. Harness's made for tumbrells. Return of stores received. Boats ready but cannot carry full loads as Ohio River is low. Building at Wheeling going on with all possible expedition.
December 5, 1791 Estimate of Horse Accoutrements R.J. Vandenbrock William Knox Knox is directed to make an estimate of the horse accoutrements, such as bridles, saddles, and holsters, which Mr. Hodgdon has prepared for the use of the army and to come in person that very morning to his office with same.
October 17, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania Alexander Hamilton Thomas Mifflin Informs the Governor of Pennsylvania that the Quartermaster and Commissary General will leave Fort Cumberland for Bedford to remedy various defects in supplies.
November 2, 1792 Return of Wagons, Horses, and Oxen James O'Hara Henry Knox Return of wagons, horses, and oxen at western posts. Distinguishes between wagon horses, pack horses, and saddle horses.