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June 26, 1800 Request for Purchase of Vinegar for Annual Military Stores Fumigation Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Directs Whelen to purchase ten galllons of vinegar, for use in the annual fumigation of the military stores, which is described.
November 28, 1800 Simmons Requests that McRea Determine the Price of the Vinegar Portion of Rations William Simmons Griffith James McRee Simmons wants McRee to determine the price of the vinegar portion of the rations issued by Daniel Wheaton that were lacking it. That amount can then be deducted as a consequence.
August 9, 1800 Notification of Payment William Simmons Godlove Heiskell Accounts forwarded by Edward Carrington for whiskey and vinegar furnished to Capt. Brock's detachment received and admitted agreeable to the certificate of E. Carrington. Simmons stated sum to be obtained from Carrington upon presentation of receipts.
August 9, 1800 Certification of Payment; G. Heiskell, Contractor at Fredericksburg, Virginia William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $19.92 to G. Heiskell, Contractor at Fredericksburg Virginia for Whiskey and Vinegar furnished Captain Brooks' detachment.
January 26, 1801 Informing Wheaton of an Outstanding Balance due the United States William Simmons Daniel Wheaton Simmons informs Wheaton of a balance due the United States of $161.45 and mentions a reduction in the price of vinegar where it is not part of issued rations.
October 1, 1798 Statement of commissary stores at Fort Niagara David Thompson James O'Hara Statement of commissary stores at Fort Niagara, documenting the amount of beef, flour, soap, candles, whiskey, salt, and vinegar.
March 1, 1800 Regulations Regarding Certain Supplies and Respecting Objects of Special and Extra Expense James McHenry [not available] Regulations respecting certain supplies and objects of special and extra expense. Contractors supply rations, ardent spirits and vinegar, quarters, transportation, forage, fuel, straw, and stationary where there is no appropriate officer of the Quarter Master General's department. Quarters are to be temporary; no barracks may be built without express order.
May 15, 1794 Invoice of Military and Quarter Master's Stores Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg Invoice of military and quarter master's stores forwarded to Pittsburgh for the Western Army.
March 18, 1800 [General Orders] William North [not available] Establishes general rules concerning contracts for fresh meat and salt. Directs the quantity of vinegar to be distributed as rations, to be obtained from contractors. Concludes with regulation for advertising for deserters, as well as stoppage of pay for the same.
[not available] Statement Showing the Rations and Provisions Issued to the Troops Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Itemized list of supplies issued in the course of a year.
December 13, 1798 Reorganization of Armed Forces, with details George Washington James McHenry Improvements to armed forces explained in detail. Washington suggested reducing the number of officers in the infantry and cavalry for multiple reasons. Washington also addressed the difficulty of obtaining materials and supplies for troops at a decent rate. It was advised that the President should be given the highest military rank due to his duties to the country and its citizens.
November 14, 1798 Extracts from contract of James O’Hara commencing 1 October 1798 and ending 30 September 1799 [not available] [not available] Contract of James O'Hara for the supply of rations.
April 26, 1800 Accounts of Dodridge Crocker William Simmons William Crafts Simmons requested the account of Dodridge Crocker for January expenses be forwarded by Crafts.
August 9, 1800 Notification of Payment William Simmons Edward Carrington Simmons notified Carrington that the accounts submitted by him for Godlove Heiskell were admitted. Simmons requested Carrington pay Heiskell.
September 1799 Regulations respecting Certain Supplies, Etc. Alexander Hamilton [not available] Regulations respecting certain supplies and respecting objects of special and extra expense.
October 10, 1794 Articles of Agreement Tench Coxe Unknown Recipient Official agreement between the United States and contractors regarding the provision of rations at Fort Washington.
May 5, 1799 Dispute over stores payment, accounts, and rations Melancton Smith Samuel Hodgdon Dispute over payment for stores, accounts, and rations.
December 8, 1798 Copy of Thomson Neale contract for supplying troops in Burlington and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey [not available] [not available] Articles of agreement between Thomas Neale, Burlington New Jersey and Jonathan Rhea of Trenton New Jersey on behalf of Secretary of War for establishment of recruiting.
May 1794 Invoice of Hospital Stores John Stagg Unknown Recipient Itemized list of hospital stores forwarded to Pittsburgh.
June 9, 1798 Preservation of the Health of Persons Working in the Public Stores Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon lists the articles needed to protect the health of the people working in the public stores during the summer months.
August 29, 1798 Articles of Agreement James McHenry [not available] Articles of agreement outlining agreed prices on rations and other articles, outlining expectations for both parties. Contractor to deliver articles to several posts,
May 1, 1800 Stores for the Hospital at Charleston Harbor Frederick Dalcho [not available] Return of hospital stores wanting for the hospital in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina calculated for the expenditure of one year.
May 1794 Invoice of Hospital Stores Tench Francis Unknown Recipient Itemized list of hospital stores furnished to troops on the upper Ohio, forwarded from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.
August 29, 1798 Articles of agreement regarding supplies between James McHenry and James O'Hara [not available] [not available] Articles of agreement for the provision of supplies between Secretary of War James McHenry and James O'Hara.
February 24, 1800 Closed Examination of Account, Account Suspended, with details William Simmons Godlove Heiskell Closed examination of account for the supplies to troops at Fredericksburg, VA during 1799. Simmons suspended and deducted $1,236.22 1/2 from Heiskell's account due to differences in cost/balance. Account to stand suspended until reply received by Simmons.