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April 12, 1800 Receipt of Regulations on Matters of Supply John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Acknowledges receipt of regulations regarding barracks and regulations respecting certain supplies; respecting objects of special and extra expenses and regulations to be observed in delivery and distribution of fuel. These regulations will ease the business of department greatly.
March 14, 1800 Regulations Governing Purchase of Supplies James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Enclosed regulations regarding supplies and objects that are of "extra expense". McHenry ordered Hamilton to take the regulations under advisement and to execute the purchase of supplies per regulations.
August 28, 1798 Request for Pay to be Forwarded As Usual John Saunders William Simmons Saunders to board the Frigate Constellation in the room of Mr. Triplett, requested his pay be transmitted as usual for use by his family.
May 9, 1798 Regarding Navy Rules & Regulations, And Gunner for USS Constellation Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Letter, asks for Rules and Regulations of Navy; mentions gunner for Frigate Constellation.
1800 Regulations Pertaining to the Artillery Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Discusses the progress of the work as it pertains to the regulations for the artillery. No Image.
May 17, 1798 Steuben army regulations James McHenry John Harris Requests that Steuben army regulations be sent to Ensign George W. Stall.
August 3, 1792 Regulations for the receiving,distributing, and accounting for all public property designed for the army of the United States War Department [not available] Lists of rules and regulations for each department within the War Department.
March 14, 1800 Regulations Respecting Certain Supplies James McHenry William Simmons Enclosed are regulations respecting certain supplies and objects of extra expense. Simmons should communicate these regulations to the parties affected by them and regulate and facilitate the settlement of their accounts.
October 1, 1799 Proposed Regulations & Employment of Major Tousard Alexander Hamilton James McHenry "I wait for your instructions concerning the regulations proposed to you with respect to objects of extra expense. As soon as I receive your direction I shall issue orders for having the regulations carried into effect." PS: "If it shall be agreeable to General Pinckney to whom I have written on the subject, it is my wish to employ Major Tousard during the winter in assisting me to prepare...
January 25, 1798 Suggested Changes to Regulations John Francis Hamtramck James McHenry Hamtramck returns changes he made in the regulations sent by McHenry.
February 8, 1799 Instructions, Schedules, and Regulations James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Hamilton's instructions are enclosed and the schedules and regulations will be forwarded as soon as they are written out.
June 26, 1798 Request for Issue of Copies of Baron Steuben's Regulations James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of 8 copies of Baron Steuben's regulations to Major Tousard.
September 8, 1800 Regulations for officer travel entitlements William Simmons David Henley Enclosed regulations issued and approved by General Hamilton for Henley's government in the settlement of accounts of officers for traveling expenses under Regulations of War Department.
June 11, 1798 Update on the Manning of Cutters and Politics in France Stephen Higginson James McHenry There is a better prospect of the frigate being properly manned. The officers thus far appointed seem to be a good crew. Higginson states they want the "usual arrangements" for service, as far as men, marines, regulations and rations are concerned. They news from Nantes is that Marshal is there and Pinckney was expected. Gerry remained in Paris.
June 7, 1798 Implementing new dress, regulations, and merit James McHenry Rufus King Secretary McHenry discusses new military dress and regulations.
August 3, 1792 Regarding the Weekly Return of Stores and Regulations Pertaining Henry Knox Isaac Craig Knox hopes that Craig will continue to forward weekly returns of stores. Has written to General Wayne relative to regulations that will give directions.
February 12, 1800 Request for Issue of Steuben's Regulations James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of one copy of Baron von Steuben's regulations to Lewis Tousard. A note from Tousard is appended.
May 30, 1791 Pay of Invalids Henry Knox [not available] Notice to "All the military Invalid of the United States" that they are to be paid six months of their annual pension, with instructions on how to collect the money and the vouchers required for documentation
March 1, 1798 Ice Has Prevented Making the Usual Number of Arms David Ames Samuel Hodgdon It has been so cold in Springfield that the wheels at the armory could not be cleared of ice before 11am. Because of the severe frost drying up the water, the usual number of arms could not be produced. Beause of the slow pace of work, the stocks on hand will last a little longer.
April 30, 1795 Regarding Book of Regulations in British Navy Timothy Pickering Captain Samuel Nicholson Pickering informs Captain Nicholson, who evidently borrowed the Book of Regulations for the British Navy, that he would like it returned when the time approaches for manning the frigates.
[not available] Discussion of War Department Regulations Jonathan Steele Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Steele admits that he does not understand all of the regulations, especially those regarding requisitions for fuel and straw. He raises questions about the Secretary of War making rules that direct the conduct of the Comptroller of the Treasury. He realizes that, since he is not an employee of the War Department, he is not entirely qualified to interpret responsibilities but trusts that Wolcott...
March 17, 1800 [General Orders] William North [not available] Deals with regulations for barracks and quarters; authorizes officers to make regulations where none apply.
April 15, 1800 New Regulations on Reimbursement William Simmons John Henry Simmons explained new regulations issued by the Secretary of War that pertained to reimbursement of officers for the cost of quarters. Officers only allowed one room.
December 22, 1799 Preparation of a System of Regulations Alexander Hamilton Lewis Tousard Hamilton asks Tousard to work with Major Hoops to prepare a system of regulations for the exercise of the Artillery, and for the police and service of artillerists in camps and garrisons.
March 27, 1800 Regulations Care of Secretary of War William Simmons John Wilkins, Jr. Regulations on supplies, allowances for barracks, and distribution of fuel as issued by Secretary of War, with descriptions.