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April 1, 1796 Requests Pay Following Resignation as Engineer C. Jonathan Warin William Simmons The Secretary of War has not yet responded to his resignation from his temporary employment as engineer. Forwards accounts for March. Believes he is entitled to a full month's pay, even though he resigned before the end of the month, as previous engineers have received. Will not forget many his many examples of kindness.
October 13, 1791 Pay for Cushing's Men Joseph Howell Thomas H. Cushing Howell has transmitted to Cushing $290.50 by Mr. Mifflin, being one month's pay for his officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates. Mr. Mifflin has been directed to provide the officers who have not received more than two month's pay from Mr. Franks another month's pay for each of them and two month's forage for Dr. Carmichael.
February 28, 1798 A Deficit of Three Month's Pay and Subsistence Samuel Henley William Simmons Henley asserts that he is still owed three month's pay and subsistence and pledges that, if he is incorrect, he will return the money promptly.
December 8, 1797 CITATION ONLY Samuel Hodgdon John Wilkins, Jr. Letter, Citation only. FULL GIST OF FULL TEXT DOCUMENT AS FOLLOWS: [Information regarding an incorrect receipt statement]
December 16, 1794 Request for Back Pay Michael G. Houdin Joseph Howell Houdin requests six month's back pay, at the rate of thirty dollars per month, as promised him by the Henry Knox as Secretary of War.
September 1, 1794 This Month's Pay Alexander Thompson Joseph Howell Thompson has received from Nicholas Fish, Supervisor of New York, $120 for one month's pay and $200 for the recruiting service.
June 18, 1791 Pay for the Officers and Men of the Old Troops & Others Joseph Howell Arthur St. Clair Howell transmits three month's pay for the Old Troops and one month's pay for the general staff and the army generally.
October 2, 1798 A Check for Three Month's Pay, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Jacob Sorber Enclosed is a check that covers three month's pay for Sorber's service as keeper of the magazine at Germantown and an order for a barrel of musket powder.
November 1, 1789 Permission to Travel to New York William Price Henry Knox Requests permission from the Secretary at War to go down to New York for a few days in the middle of the month. Also forwards the Returns of Ordnance and Quartermaster Stores for the month of November.
July 9, 1798 Account for Three Month's Services Forman Cheesman William Simmons "I herewith forward my account for three month's services due 1st July 1798."
June 23, 1798 Receipt of Christopher Miller Christopher Miller [not available] Payment in full received as interpreter for Indians.
August 22, 1797 Unable at Present to Make a Full Settlement James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon Mentges is unable at the present time to make a full settlement but should be able to do so soon. In the meantime, he makes a partial payment of fifty dollars for which a receipt should be given to the bearer.
November 23, 1795 Request to Detroy Order from Lynch John R. Lynch William Simmons Lynch encloses his receipt for two month's pay and requests that the order in favor of Mr. [illegible] be destroyed since it is of nuse to either party.
May 7, 1798 Notification of Increased Pay for Able Seamen James McHenry John R. B. Rodgers In order to facilitate the recruiting process for the frigates the pay of able seamen has been increased to $17 per month. This incentive should help Rodgers to hire crew for the Constellation as soon as possible. Currently serving able seamen will receive a raise from their current $15 per month to the new sum; the raise is only for Able Seamen and not any other group.
April 27, 1795 Pay Rolls Should be Sent at the End of the Month William Simmons Russell Bissell Enclosed are some blank pay rolls, accompanied by a muster roll, which at the end of the present month must be transmittted to the Accountant's offfice where they will be examined. The amount therein will be transmitted to officers like Captain Bissell through the usual channels.
November 19, 1791 Pay and Subsistence Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Thanked Howell for receipt of pay and subsistence from previous month. Gave total pay and subsistence due for current month.
March 13, 1794 Estimate of One Month's Pay and Forage Joseph Howell Henry Knox Enclosed is an estimate of one month's pay and forage of the troops taken from the late returns on file in Knox's office.
October 16, 1799 Copy of entries for month of August 1799 David Henley William Simmons Henley encloses a copy of entries for month of August 1798 with explanations.
March 13, 1795 John Fleming's Claim that He Has Not Been Paid in Full, Etc. Joseph Howell Daniel Britt John Fleming says he has received his full pay for 1794 and Howell finds that Britt has not forwarded the list of balances for companies that have arrears remaining to be discharged. These lists should be sent on and, if not done immediately, Howell needs to be informed as to what Fleming is due. Howell has not been able to call up Britt's accounts for examination as they are blended with those...
October 17, 1789 Advances of Pay Await Funding Henry Knox William Price Knox awaits funding before advancing six month's pay to Captain William Price
March 19, 1798 Pay to Peter Hagner from Lieutenant George Ross, Artillerists and Engineers George T. Ross William Simmons Pay to Peter Hagner $30 of Ross's pay for month of May.
November 24, 1794 Payroll for a Detachment of New Jersey Cavalry Henry Lee Presley Nevill Pay order and pay roll for a detachment of New Jersey Cavalry for service during the Whiskey Rebellion.
April 27, 1795 Transmit Pay Rolls at the End of Each Two-Month Period William Simmons James Bruff It is expected that in the future every officer will make out their own pay rolls and transmit them with their muster rolls at the end of each two-month period. An examination will then take place and the amounts therein will be transmitted in the usual manner.
July 12, 1794 Funds for the Troops at the Upper Posts of the Ohio Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Francis Mentges is directed to deliver to Craig $1120 for two month's pay and forage of the troops at the upper posts on the Ohio and $33 for one month's subsistence for the officers
April 1, 1794 Estimate for Monthly Subsistance Henry Knox William Simmons Request for estimate of month expense so officers may receive subsistence on first day of the month rather than the last day.