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June 25, 1787 Dr. Bronson not able to attend trial at Philadelphia Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Delivered letter to Doctor Bronson who says his lame leg probably will not permit him to attend the trial in Philadelphia and that he will write to Howell to inform of situation.
May 24, 1787 Regarding the trial for passing of altered certificates Joseph Howell Thomas Smith The trial of the person confined in Smith's jail has been postponed until July. Pierce cannot attend; therefore has requested that Howell be present a the time appointed. Asks about the date of the trial.
May 3, 1799 Trial of the Insurgent, Etc. William Montgomery Samuel Hodgdon Montgomery reports that two days have been taken up in examining the withesses in the trial of the insurgent and the jury is not allowed to go home. He complains that the business of the Grand Jury has prevented him from going anywhere.
November 3, 1800 Trial of the Superintendent and Storekeeper Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Respecting the trial of the Superintendent and Storekeeper , the court appointed an attorney to prosecute on behalf of the United States and the Superintendent has two able counsel to defend him. The trial lasted five days but there are still things to clear up. The Court has appointed George Bliss, Ames' attorney, to prosecute Williams. It will not, however, be within the power of the Court to...
June 13, 1787 Mrs. Howell health; counterfeit trial Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Mrs. Howell is getting better. Physician wants her moved to country. Recommended air of Long Island. Trial for counterfeiter draws near.
January 3, 1800 Trial of Lt. Hoffman, Etc. Alexander Hamilton William S. Smith Hamilton discusses the problems with the contract with the Agent for New Jersey. He commends Smith's action on this and other items. The trial of Lt. Hoffman for purloining ten dollars from Lt. Livingston has been postponed due to the absence of Lt. Wands, but it would not be proper to postpone it much longer on this account.
September 8, 1798 Court martial trial of Captain Thomas Lewis James McHenry Samuel Vance Writes to inform Vance that he has been appointed a member of the general court martial in Trenton for the trial of Capt. Thomas Lewis.
March 21, 1799 Trial of Capt. Samuel Vance Charles W. Hare Alexander Hamilton Hare transmits the proceedings of the General Court Martial held for the trial of Capt. Samuel Vance. Since there are no other cases, the court will be adjourned.
May 17, 1787 Trial for passing altered certificate postponed Joseph Howell Dr. Isaac Bronson Trial for passing altered certificate postponed until July 1788. Mr. Pierce requested that Howell inform Bronson, as his evidence is of much importance in the getting a conviction. Is sorry for misfortune experienced lately.
June 24, 1787 Lameness prevents Dr. Bronson from attending trial at Philadelphia J. Bronson Caleb Swan Makes mention of his requested presence at trial of person confined for passing counterfeit certificates. Bronson's evidence is requested. He says he would be happy to attend, but his lameness renders it improbable that he can be at Philadelphia so soon. Will probably be a month before he can walk a step.
December 15, 1785 Trial to come in April; request to send papers to Major McConnell Colonel Lewis Nicola Joseph Howell Is just about to leave Philadelphia. Mentions that the trial will come in April. Mentions sending papers to Major McConnell. McConnell will repay expenses. Mentions that Howell's assurances of readiness to serve Nicola are unnecessary; has sufficient proof thereof.
October 31, 1800 Result of the Trial Is Not Known, Etc. Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams reports that the results of the inquiry, or trial, are not known since the business of the court is not yet complete. He is sending the clothing forward to Colonel Stevens at New York. The small quantity of clothing from Oxford he had on hand will also be packed up and sent.
November 5, 1795 Permission to Resign as I am Ordered to Trial Edwin L. Harris Anthony Wayne Having been ordered to trial by the Judge Advocate, Harris requests permission to resign his appointment to the United States Legion. Having received no answers to his request for testimonials from the Atlantic States, he fears that he will have to appear before the Court Martial without evidence of support.
December 14, 1797 Publication of Eaton Trial Constant Freeman William Simmons Freeman to leave Pittsburgh post. Letter from Eaton led Freeman to believe he would publish his trial to exculpate himself and injure reputation of officers. Freeman requested that Simmons tell friends the truth if Eaton publishes documents.
June 20, 1787 Regarding attendance of Doctor Bronson at trial for altered certificates Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Encloses a few lines from Doctor Bronson which Swan is to read, seal and deliver. Asks that Swan urge the necessity of Bronson being at the [trial]. Hopes he can be there as Howell says he know nothing of the leading circumstances to enable him to prosecute except knowledge of the certificate being altered. Has written Mr. Pierce and informed him of necessity of Swan continuing until Howell's...
February 7, 1787 [No. 69] Protection of the Loyal Citizenry from the Insurgents Benjamin Lincoln Jonathan Grant Lincoln assures Grant that he will address his complaint regarding Col. Badlam but the protection of the loyal citizenry from the insurgents currently takes precedence over other matters. (Shays' Rebellion). Troops marching for Berkshire Mountains to protect citizens from insurgents therefore stopping march for a trial is impossible.
July 4, 1796 Questions for Trial James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Discussion of Wilkinson and Wayne, feasibility of a court martial for an Executive. Requests assistance with questions for trial.
June 18, 1787 Trial of counterfeiter; Mr. Pierce Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Mentions the trial of the counterfeiter. Doctor Bronson is in town; may be necessary for him to provide evidence. No immediate need for Howell to be in attendance, except that Mr. Pierce wants Swan to join him in Virginia
February 15, 1798 Trial of Murderers and Pay of Militia James McHenry James Jackson Expressed importance of apprehending murderers of Creek Indians and Commissioner. Pay of militia to be deposited into the Branch Bank of Charleston.
June 8, 1796 Defense against charges of misconduct Lieut. Simon Geddes James McHenry Lieutenant Geddes writes McHenry a defense against charges brought against him, claiming that he has been treated unjustly and demanding the he receive a fair and impartial trial.
April 23, 1799 Revising the Proceedings of the Trial of Sergeant Hunt Alexander Hamilton Washington Morton Hamilton observes that the Articles of War require that two thirds of the members of the Court must vote to convict in cases where the death penalty is inflicted. He presumes that was true in the trial of Sergeant Hunt and directs Morton to insert a clause in the trial proceedings stating that fact.
May 21, 1787 Regarding Doctor Bronson's attendance at trial on passing of altered certificate Joseph Howell John Pierce Encloses continuation of registers to the loan officer of Virginia. Has written to Doctor Bronson. Fears that Bronson will not be able to attend trial. Cannot make use of his leg, which has been set twice.
March 23, 1799 Why Was the Officer Not Found Guilty? William W. Wands Alexander Hamilton Though he was the youngest officer on the board of a recent Court Martial, Wands can obtain no reason why the officer on trial was not found guilty.
September 9, 1796 Trial William Vans Murray James McHenry Correspondence offers comfort from recent grave illness. Vans Murray discussed Cherokees and offers opinion on trial.
April 30, 1787 On the trial for passing of altered certificates John Pierce Joseph Howell Asks for delivery of confidential letter to Mr. Osgood. Refers to postponement of trial for person accused of passing altered certificates. Bronson must appear as evidence in July. Asks that Howell let Bronson know this.